Why wear corporate clothing if you can just choose from the clothes in your cupboard? Let us look at it from a financial perspective. Do you still spend thousands every year in order to dress for success? Are you tired of having to foot the bill to look your best for the company?


Why wear corporate clothing if you could dress in your individual style? This may be the second question, and we will answer it with a few questions of our own. Do you constantly have to compete with others to stand out for all the right reasons? How much time do you spend daily in deciding what to wear to the office?


Why get corporate clothing that still needs to be washed and ironed if you could just have such done for your normal wardrobe items? For one, how many pieces of clothing do you have in your cupboard? How many pairs of shoes do you need to suit all the different colours? How many items can you mix and match to stay original? Finally, how do you dress when not at work?


We discuss why you should wear corporate clothing below in more detail, giving you insight as to the benefits of work apparel as opposed to having to invest in your own work wardrobe.


Save Money


Instead of having to spend at least 50% of your monthly attire budget on office apparel just to have enough pieces to mix and match, you can have nine to ten pieces that can be mixed and matched to create as many as 30 to 40 outfits. Since the company pays towards the wardrobe, you save considerably. Now you can buy clothes for the evenings, weekends, and after work social events.


No Risk of Dressing Inappropriately


Next is an important factor to consider in answering the question: “why wear corporate clothing?” Companies are now strict on dress codes to avoid sexual harassment issues, the wrongful portrayal of their images, and conflicting colours when it comes to brand awareness. When you wear corporate clothing, you already meet the minimum dress code requirements.


Get in The Professional Mode


You know that when you are dressed for the beach, you are more likely to be relaxed and hardly a thing can cause you to hurry. The same applies when it comes to work attire, just in the opposite direction. If you are dressed for success in business attire, you have every reason to be professional. It is as if you walk into a closet and change into the professional version of yourself. This helps to improve productivity and thus to drive you towards greater success.


If you look good, you usually feel amazing. Confidence sells and helps you to make fewer mistakes. When it thus comes to why you should wear corporate clothing, think of it as the suit of success.


Comfortable Attire Means Higher Productivity


Though work attire is designed to portray a professional image, it is also made for superior comfort. Can you say the same for the outfits in your wardrobe? Every piece of work apparel is designed to allow for optimal air flow, neatness, and moving sweat away from the body. You thus improve the feeling of comfort. With that, you are able to concentrate on work rather than on the pants that cling or the shirt that feels as if it has been made to suffocate.


No More Competition


Tired of having to compete for who is best dressed? Once you start wearing corporate clothes, the trend will catch on, and pretty soon, the entire office staff will fall in to dress the part. With that, the days of having to ask whether something looks good or whether the shirt goes with the skirt will be over.


Brand Ambassador


You are an ambassador for the company you work for. If you are proud of the brand, develop awareness around why corporate clothing is beneficial for the entire staff. Your employer will contribute to the wardrobe, helping you to save money.


View our extensive range of work apparel and get in touch to order the pieces of choice or for more information on the range. With the catalogues as available from us, you can show your employer why it is necessary for the employees to wear corporate clothing.