Individualised Uniform Packaging

We understand the hassle that can be caused by ordering 100’s of uniforms and receiving t-shirts, jackets, trousers and shoes all packaged together and trying to distribute the correct items to each employee. Faced with a sea of clothes in different sizes and different products depending on each person’s requirements – where do you start?
That’s why we offer individualised uniform packinging services to our customers.

What is Individual Uniform Packaging

Individual uniform packaging is essentially the method of pre-packing complete uniform kits for each individual employee. The packs are clearly labelled and marked up for easy distribution once the order is sent to your premises, we can even go as far as sending the packs directly to your employees’ individual addresses.

Our online ordering system makes it easy for you to assign employee IDs to each individual kit, and our dedicated man packing team take care of the rest.

We oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring that each pre-packed uniform contains the correct products for the right employee. If you’re not too sure what products you need for each employee, our expert team can help out with that, too.

Individual Uniform Packaging

How Individualised Packaging Works

The individual uniform packing process couldn’t be simpler, and should you have any queries our team are on hand to help along the way


Our online ordering system allows you to input the specific piece of kit needed for each employee, by assigning each individual with a personal ID number and identifying the item, size and quantity required.


Once the products have been branded to the agreed requirements, our team work hard to prepare each individual kit based on the order received.


All complete orders are packaged and delivered to your main company address. We can even go as far as to courier the packs out to each branch.

Why Choose Individualised Packaging

A well priced, high quality solution to your large scale workwear needs



At Best Clothing and Gifts we recognise that time is a valuable commodity, if you have a large workforce then uniform packing can save you a fortune in the long run. Quantities, item sizes and so on are all diligently checked before couriered – something a member of staff would have had to process for you.


Fully Tracked

All items in the pre-packed kits are individually assigned to the employee which makes it easy for us to track who has been given what. This can be particularly valuable if an employee leaves the company, as there is a clear record of what they received from us in their uniform pack.


Attention to detail

We make it our duty to double-check every single aspect of your order before sending it out. We can even go as far as stocking uniforms for you on our premises to distribute out as and when you have new team members join. We handle the entire process for you to ensure that you aren’t holding on to, or managing masses of workwear or PPE.


Expert Advise

During the order process our dedicated in-house PPE experts will be on hand to help you put together the right packages for your industry.