When you are uncertain, or you don’t have a clue where to buy a particular item or items that belong to a specific range and are sold under a particular brand name, you have two likely courses of action. You may ask others for information about where to locate whatever it is that you’re looking for, especially if the brand is well-thought-of and has a reputation for superior characteristics that you and others consider important.


Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry, under pressure, prefer not to bother other people with your queries, or need your answer right now, you’ll take the shortest route, straight to the Internet’s handy online search engines. Here you can search for the phrase, “where to buy Barron workwear.”


Only From Accredited Barron Suppliers


The reputable Barron brand is only available through accredited suppliers who meet that company’s exacting standards because they’re serious about maintaining and protecting Barron’s reputation in the industry and amongst customers who believe in and support their brand.


Authorised Trade Outlet


As a representative of a corporate concern or a public organisation, you cannot buy workwear directly from Barron’s clothing ranges, because this company is a trade-only supplier to the wholesale industry. Therefore, corporates and the likes buy this workwear from companies such as Best Clothing and Gifts, an authorised Barron trade outlet, which meets the standards and ethics of Barron. In addition to the wares of other select corporate and workwear brands, Best Clothing stocks four extensive ranges of Barron’s beautiful, quality products:



Some of Best’s clients Include:



A Bit About Barron


For more than 25 years, this company – Barron – has been designing, developing, manufacturing, and supplying numerous types of professional workwear to similarly specialised trade outlets and wholesale concerns in the competitive professional clothing and apparel industries.


From there, the garments are sold on and supplied to the end-users’ employers, organisations which recognise the important practical, functional, and promotional roles which branded corporate attire fulfils within the workplace and in the broader public eye.


Hard-Working Garments for Hard-Working Industries


Barron also strives to ensure that their quality professional garments and accessories enhance the performance, safety, and appearance of all who wear and use their products. Functionality, quality, and durability are at the core of Barron’s sterling reputation and success.


Hard-working industry sectors, attired in fit-for-purpose, durable, and professional hard-working garments by Barron, include:



Workwear collections by Barron in this brand’s relevant product categories consist of:



Prerequisite Features of Workwear



Best Branding


Best Clothing and Gifts is fully equipped to attend to the branding of the work attire which their clients buy from them. This is done expertly and accurately, within minimal lead times, which are under their control and management, since Best organises, monitors, undertakes, and checks the quality of the entire branding process in-house, at Best Clothing’s premises, conveniently situated in Midrand.


Midrand was previously known as Halfway House, in reference to its position, approximately midway between Johannesburg and Pretoria. Long ago, Halfway House was a stopping point for ox-wagons hauling freight and horse-drawn coaches transporting passengers en route between one city and the other, the source of its original name. Best Clothing and Gifts in Midrand is even closer to Barron in Johannesburg North than it is to the two major cities. Best Clothing and Gifts will, as always, advise their clients, who prefer Barron (or alternative) products, on the best, most effective and enduring method of state-of-the-art, creative branding, be it embroidery, screen printing, sublimation printing, or digital transfer onto clothing.


Buying from Best


Because Best Clothing’s clients buy their apparel from the same company which undertakes their branding (Best Clothing and Gifts), the chances of anything going wrong or articles being inadvertently lost or misplaced, are minimal. It’s extremely rare that any glitches occur, but in the highly unlikely event that an “oops” does happen, Best will sort it out speedily.


Additionally, this type of one-stop buying saves time, money and effort. Moreover, selecting and buying corporate clothing and Barron workwear from Best is incredibly convenient, whether you’re in Midrand, Johannesburg, Pretoria or elsewhere on the African Continent.


Online Buyer’s Catalogues


Virtually everything may be handled online, almost instantly, in a flash – browsing through the detailed, extremely informative online Barron product catalogues, submitting your queries, questions, estimates and quotes, buying and paying for your products, as well as the approval of your corporate logo and company brand insignia.


Buying online is not only quick and convenient; it is also really the most manageable way to look at all or most of the Barron and other top reputable, sought-after brands of specialised corporate clothing and workwear. Even if only taken brand by brand, one at a time, it would take clients and buyers forever and a day to view one supplier’s merchandise range, ask relevant questions about garments, fabrics, fits, sizes, colours, closures, and measurements.


By this time, it would be a miracle if the buyer was not completely befuddled and quite unable to make a suitable if any, selection. Most would retire and walk away in a state of frustration and confusion without buying a single thing.


Take Your Time Online


Browsing through well put-together online catalogues in your own time, at your leisure, is really the only sensible solution and the way to go nowadays when humankind and the corporate world is presented with so many diverse options, and choices and you wish to shop wisely.


For your convenience, the pleasing aesthetic appearance, protection and safety of persons engaged in occupations that require Barron workwear, Best Clothing and Gifts is pleased to provide you with extensive online catalogues.


Real People Wearing Real Garments


For each garment, we feature high-resolution photographs of a real person wearing the item, and in most instances, an additional back view, plus, of course, the full picture taken from the front – the way in which your employee would approach the public, proudly and neatly displaying your brand and your company image.


At a Glance


It’s easy to observe the cut, optimal fit, finer detail and finishing of the garments at a glance. The descriptions of fabric/s are given, and sizes and associated measurements are also indicated on the same page, so you’re not compelled to flip between various pages for information about one item, nor are you likely to make mistakes – those pesky “whoopsies”.


Getting to Know You


Despite the practical, time-saving, and almost effortless online buying experience being so simple and convenient, we still welcome the opportunity to have a chat via telephone or email, to address your queries and get to know you, your organisation, its brand and its ethos better.


Partners in Presentation and Promotion


At Best Clothing, we’d like to be more than the supplier of your corporate gear. We’d like to be your trusted business partner in the ever-evolving, always exciting world of presenting and promoting your personnel as part of your company image and the pride you take in every aspect of your business and its invaluable people.


Requesting a quote and subsequently buying Barron workwear couldn’t be easier, now that you’ve answered the initial “where” question. It is at and from Best Clothing and Gifts, your preferred corporate clothing supplier and branding specialist in Midrand, conveniently close to Johannesburg, Centurion, and Pretoria, Gauteng.