It was once said by a very clever marketing professor at Harvard that “people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!”. Essentially, he meant that people don’t just want the tool, they buy the tool in order to get the results. This is true of most business managers who want their organisations to draw advantage from the results that are associated with giving uniforms to staff and presenting a united front in the marketplace. Apart from the fact that uniforms allow employees to project a professional and tidy image of the brand, there are also other reasons why companies in Gauteng choose to move to uniforms with the help of uniform suppliers in Gauteng.


How Uniforms Can Benefit Your Organisation


  1. Customers are more likely to do business with uniformed employees, as they convey an image of trustworthiness and they stand out as professionals. Studies have also proven that we perceive staff in uniform as being more competent and qualified, and this translates into real fiscal benefits for the organisation.


  1. Uniforms create a better image of the brand or the organisation. It is a fact that society tends to judge others on appearance, and clothing is one of the components that allows a person to form a perception. The professional image projected and perceived by a staff member in uniform establishes an image that makes the brand more attractive to potential customers, and it also helps to motivate customers to become repeat clients.


  1. Exposure gained by the visibility of the brand helps to promote or advertise the brand. Highly visible corporate logos and colours created by uniform suppliers in Gauteng can help to differentiate your brand from others, which means that your brand will stand out in the relevant target market. 


  1. Uniforms serve as advertising for the brand, as they are highly visible. Uniforms that are well designed and attractive help staff members appearing in public to act as “walking billboards”, and in essence they are promoting the brand by making it visible to others. For any other exposure of the brand, the company will have to pay dearly, so this is a highly cost-effective way of marketing.


  1. Protection is offered by different types of uniforms, and this reduces the risk of staff injuries or fatalities. There are many functional and safety benefits associated with branded uniforms, and these are tailored to the particular job function and tasks to ensure the health and safety of the employee.


  1. Uniforms render a person instantly recognisable and the type of uniform can be used to differentiate job functions from one another. It is common for construction sites to require the wearing of different uniforms and hard hats for different teams, which means that it is easy to locate the required people on site, and to check that they are in the correct locations. It is also easier for potential customers in a retail situation to identify the people who can assist with sales or advice, and they are more likely to approach a staff member in uniform for assistance.


  1. Security can also be improved with uniforms, as they feature a specific style or colour that helps to identify trespassers that may not be allowed in certain job sites or working areas.


  1. Employees are spared the headache and expense of purchasing clothing for work. This means that they can save money, and still have a stylish and attractive outfit to wear every day.  We are a uniform supplier in Gauteng and we will only provide quality fabrics and long-lasting corporate wear, which means that the uniforms we provide are able to withstand repeated laundering with ease, and remain attractive for very long periods of time.


  1. Team spirit can be very effectively boosted with the wearing of uniforms, as it promotes better cohesion amongst employees wearing the same brand. It gives them an opportunity to identify with a collective body and promotes a sense of belonging. All of these go a long way towards encouraging higher productivity levels and better motivation.


If you want to know more about the benefits of corporate uniforms, contact our friendly consultants. At Best Clothing, we are one of the best uniform suppliers in Gauteng, and we will provide you with all of the advice and quality products that you need to boost your bottom line!