Branded T-shirts have been some of the best marketing tools in the world for quite some time now. Not only can they be trendy, but they can also display messages that you would like people to associate with your brand. In the eighties and nineties, the slogans and design of T-shirts really took off in the retail industry, and the sales power of the normal T-shirt increased exponentially to benefit all kinds of societies, brands, organisations, political parties, etc.


It is believed that T-shirts were born from underwear that was created to provide warmth in winter when worn under traditional shirts and ties, or even in summer to prevent sweat stains from appearing on clothing in hot climates. It finally morphed into what is essentially an undershirt being worn as an item of clothing without anything covering it.


During the fifties and the seventies, these were just ordinary items of clothing, until people started tapping into the potential of the universal T-shirt. In the eighties, a T-shirt printing quote was similar for most brands, but because appearing visibly affluent became such a status symbol at that time, prestige designer brands cashed in big when it came to creating items of clothing that were not only comfortable and cheap to make, but they could also charge a fortune for these while still getting the customer to market the brand.


This trend has somehow diminished over the last two decades, and people no longer have to pay ten times as much for a designer T-shirt as they would for a normal T-shirt at a regular retailer. A T-shirt printing quote made by the same people and the same fabrics will be similar regardless of the origin of the order. This means that high-quality designer T-shirts displaying logos will cost the same to make as corporate branded T-shirts, but the profit margin would be much higher.


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