To attain the status of a leader in a given industry is invariably the aspiration of any serious business owner. Sadly, for the majority, this is an aspiration that is destined to remain no more than an improbable dream, and at best, they will achieve a business that will attain sufficient market share to provide adequately for the owner and his or her employees. For a few, the dream does, however, become reality, and hence we live in an age of acknowledged local leaders and even global icons among occupations as diverse as automotive manufacturers and the suppliers of corporate clothing.


For those engaged in the latter activity, the demand is one that continues to grow, given that it tends to remain just as important during recessionary times as it is during boom years. Markets are dynamic and subject to change. As a result, promoting a company’s brand is not just about gaining market share; it is equally essential as the means with which to ensure the company is able to retain it. Coca Cola, for example, is a name known to almost everyone on the planet, yet when this organisation decided to reduce its advertising, its sales also fell. The suppliers of corporate clothing play an important role in assisting a company to promote its brand in more subtle ways that, whilst markedly cheaper than mainstream advertising, can be pretty effective.


While in many cases jeans and tees may be the accepted dress code, it is hardly a style that inspires confidence. A uniform consisting of a maroon or navy-blue blazer to reflect the company’s colour scheme, with its top pocket bearing the firm’s logo and accompanied by a matching tie can speak volumes about the nature of a business, implying traditional values and meticulous attention to detail. These are the benefits that the suppliers of corporate clothing are in the business of offering to its clients.


Although one might reasonably expect that such businesses are equally adept at promoting their own specialised products and services, it takes rather more than marketing prowess alone when one’s goal is to build a loyal customer base. One local company with its offices in Midrand has proved to be remarkably successful in this endeavour, having gained and retained a substantial market share in this increasingly competitive industry. The company in question is Best Clothing and the fact that we have managed to attract such prestigious clients such as KFC, Hyundai, Simba, and News Cafe bears testament to the policies that we embrace.


While others may rely on the growing need alone, Best Clothing has chosen the more proactive option of ensuring guaranteed quality, an unusually diverse and extensive range, and a strongly customer-centric approach backed by impeccable service before, during, and following each and every sale. We offer products for all occasions, with a range that comprises stylish uniforms for both male and female employees, as well as branded casual wear in which to relax or to engage in various sporting activities.


Add to these, protective gear for those working in hazardous environments, and it is easy to see how we have succeeded in establishing ourselves as a leader among the suppliers of corporate clothing to southern Africa.