We are a supplier of corporate clothing from the Barron brand, a company known for high-quality, functional, practical and durable corporate clothing and sportswear. Take a look at some of the female corporate clothing from Barron, which you can buy at exceptionally affordable prices from us, as your South African-based supplier.

Ladies’ Statement 1 Button Jacket

It is a stunning jacket which accentuates the female physical features. Stylish, classic and durable, it is one jacket that should form part of every female employee’s corporate wardrobe. It has a single button in front, is made from 100% polyester fabric for easy cleaning and durability, and comes in black or navy. If you are looking for female executive wear, then you will want to order the Ladies Statement 1 Button Jacket from us (your supplier), because we ensure fast delivery, branding and professional after-sales service.

Ladies’ Statement Classic Pants

Complement the mentioned Statement 1 Button Jacket with the very feminine Statement Classic Pants. The pants feature a lower waistband a classic flared leg out, and are made from 100% polyester fabric for superb durability. We supply the pants in black or navy.

Ladies’ Statement Crop Pants

Perfect for the summer months at the office, with a classic style, feminine side slit and one button closure, the slightly higher waistband Crop Pants can also be worn with the Statement 1 Button Jacket. The pants are exceptionally comfortable, rather trendy, and very durable. Made from poly/rayon/stretch fabric, the pants are comfortable, despite the tighter fit than the Classic Pants, and are available in stone, navy or black.

Ladies’ Statement Skirt

If you want a professional look and feel in the office, then the Statement Skirt should be added to your company’s corporate wardrobe. You can also order this skirt from us, as we are a supplier of corporate clothing for Barron. It is feminine, elegant and well-suited for executive-level female employees. The skirt goes well with many tops sold in chain stores, and also fits with the Statement 1 Button Jacket. It is made from 100% polyester, and has a pencil skirt styling.

Ladies’ Statement Stretch Pants

For pants that can be worn equally well to social events, at home and work, select the Statement Stretch Pants. These pants are made from a poly/rayon/spandex combination of fabric, and the pants have a slightly lower waistband to bring a semi-formal element to the style.

Ladies’ Basic Cardigan

For cooler days, add the knitted Basic Cardigan, which comes with five buttons, a lower neckline and classic styling. It can be worn with the Statement Classic Pants, Statement Skirt or the Stretch Pants. It has a slightly less formal character than the Statement Jacket, yet enough elegance to fit into the Statement range. It is made from 100% acrylic, and this ten gauge needle knit cardigan is the ideal substitute or complementary clothing item to the Statement Jacket.

Golf Shirts

We are also a supplier of quality ladies’ golf shirts suitable for active wear on the golf course, casual wear, and for corporate settings or customer care settings. The golf shirts are exceptionally practical in the summer months, and are perfect for corporate branding.

Where to Buy

If you are looking for a well-established and trusted supplier of corporate clothing, then Best Clothing is your answer. We supply everything from corporate gifts and promotional items, to high-quality corporate clothing from the Barron and Altitude brands. In addition, you can also find sportswear and corporate casual clothing in our product offering, as well as benefit from our embroidery, and in-house printing and branding services.