With it being extremely important to ensure continuity in the style and colour range of your corporate wear, it is essential to make use of reliable corporate clothing suppliers.


Local vs Overseas


You want a local reliable corporate clothing supplier, as it means that the supplier has an office which you can visit, and you are sure that the supplier can also visit your company. If you make use of an overseas company, you have to pay import duties, and also have to pay excessive shipment fees.


With the South African currency not at its strongest, buying from companies, even in countries known for cheap products, will mean paying more than you would have paid if you had made use of a reliable local supplier. The local supplier can still import the corporate wear, but the company deals with the logistics of international trade, rather than you. As such, you save time and money.


In addition, you can inspect the quality locally, and with it comes more time savings. Should there be a problem with the order in terms of size or quality, you have the supplier in South Africa, and as such, you can ensure easy exchanges, or improvement on quality or style.


Besides the above, you contribute to the local economy and employment creation by supporting local corporate wear suppliers.


Add-On Services


A reliable local corporate clothing supplier offers the additional benefit of print and branding work done locally. With such, the risk of misspelled logos is significantly reduced. The clothing supplier should also be able to provide a range of add-on services, such as various print methods depending on the type of fabric and the quantity required. You will want a supplier that can provide you with high-quality embroidery which is perfectly suited for the addition of stylish logos.


Such a corporate clothing supplier should also be able to provide printing on T-shirts, using advanced technology to ensure the proper transfer of images. With the video-flex method, a heat press is used for image transfer onto T-shirts. It is exceptionally cost-effective, and because there is no need for extensive setting up, with the video-flex printing method, the supplier can handle even small orders.


Another benefit of video-flex is the ability to print complicated images without the need for the creation of specific stencils. You can send the artwork in a number of formats. Video-flex printing is especially cost effective and fast, if lighter coloured T-shirts are used as the print base.


Customised Clothing


You will have a long-standing relationship with reliable corporate clothing suppliers. With this in mind, choose suppliers that offer customised clothing to fit your particular corporate wear requirements. You want a supplier that offers a wide range of customised clothing. The apparel must be durable, practical, trendy, and specific to your needs.


Personal Service


Don’t settle for just being a number. You want a supplier that will be involved throughout the corporate wear selection, design, concept creation, manufacturing or importing, and supply of the clothing. You will find that we meet every requirement mentioned, including the sourcing of materials and the final delivery of orders within the specified time frame. You want a team of corporate clothing experts and print specialists, rather than just a straight importer of products.


Well-Known Brands


Well-known brands are known for quality, simply because their brand values are at stake. Only buy from corporate clothing suppliers that can offer you top-quality brands, such as suppliers of Barron and Altitude. You can then be sure of the longevity, functionality and workmanship of the apparel you are buying.


Wide Range


Nothing can be more frustrating than having to switch suppliers because your current supplier cannot supply the full range of clothing needed. You will find that we are able to supply everything from custom clothing to formal, semi-formal and informal corporate wear, and are also reliable suppliers of sports, promotional and casual wear, in addition to specific workwear and uniforms. Whether you need chefs clothing, sportswear, specific uniforms, winter or summer clothing, or accessories, we are able to meet your requirements.


Proven Track Record


Buy from suppliers with proven track records. We meet the requirements, as we have a proven track record of supplying to clients such as News Cafe, KFC, Simba, Hyundai, and Wellington VO Brandy.