Designing a promotional T-shirt may seem like a simple endeavour. Stamp a logo across the shirt, print the T-shirt and you’re done, right? As any T-shirt printing company that has ever had the privilege of working for a brand can tell you, whenever it comes to a company’s name, there is always a lot more involved than merely printing a logo.


Below we’ll take a look at the process that goes into quality T-shirt design and printing. Here are a few of the main points that you need to consider when designing a promotional T-shirt, which we’ll be happy to breathe life into.


Honouring the Brand


When designing your brand’s promotional T-shirt, you’re not busy with a regular design. Promotional material is supposed to look more than just trendy and cool, it’s also meant to communicate something, and advertise the brand. This plays into the very essence of your branding and advertising strategy, which should be adhered to.


Add to Style Manual


We’ve worked with companies who have a neatly designed books with pages on pages of beautiful images that show where their logo should go, and what colours should be used. If your business doesn’t have a style manual yet, don’t necessarily view that as a negative. It means that you and your designers have the freedom to blaze some exciting trails.


Before Lift-Off…


In the first discussions with your designer, it’s important to communicate the:



Why We Should Be Your T-Shirt Printing Company


When it comes to T-shirt branding, you’ll be hard pressed to find another company able to rival our offering. And yes, we sometimes do speak in puns, but it just adds to our charm. Our celebrated silkscreen printing process has been popular for many years, and for good reason.


Our team ensures that you are provided with an end result that you’re absolutely happy with, and one that does your brand justice. What does our silkscreen printing process entail? It involves the use of a mesh and ink blocking stencil. The stencil creates open areas of mesh, which is where the ink is then pressed through and onto the T-shirt material. This inevitably leads to a result that is clear, bright and eye catching – everything you want in quality T-shirt printing.


Now this is not the only area of clothing that we excel in. We’re leaders in the design and manufacture of corporate clothing, sportswear, workwear uniforms, and other customised clothing solutions. It’s been a long journey and a baptism of fire, but we fall back on those years of experience and use them as the basis of our continued success. Speak to us about all your customised clothing and T-shirt printing needs, and be sure to receive a worthwhile return on your investment that will do your business proud.