Barron sets the benchmark for quality and style when it comes to corporate and workwear. To this end, you will appreciate our online clothing catalogue, enabling you to view and order a range of apparel suitable for your company employees.


Indeed, when you think of corporate wear, Barron is the first brand that comes to mind because the quality associated with the brand is superior. Every new range from the brand is even more stunning than the previous one. Barron regularly expands their product lines and because the brand keeps up to date with the latest fashions and trends, you can expect elegant and in-demand corporate clothing. Our online catalogue speaks for itself. We have partnered with Barron to ensure firms in South Africa can have access to the best quality apparel for modern-day work environments.


The 2019 online Barron clothing catalogue includes everything from trousers to T-shirts, men’s shirts, and women’s blouses. We know how important it is to have apparel for every occasion and work situation. To this end, we make sure your employees can dress in style.


As you browse through our online catalogue, you will notice an extensive range of apparel for winter, summer, spring, and fall. Everything from apparel for sports days and outings to casual wear at the office and executive uniforms form part of the collection. Select the styles and sizes in addition to colours where relevant and place your order. With such convenience, it has never been easier to ensure perfect outfits for every day at the office.


Advantages of Corporate Wear for Your Company and Employees


Studies have shown that employees appreciate corporate wear and uniforms. Productivity increases because once employees are dressed according to their roles and the company wear policy, they immediately feel and act professionally. They feel like they are part of something bigger and wear their company’s brand with pride.


In a day and age in which many people are without jobs, being employed is already a status symbol. By having apparel that fits the part, employees do not have to compete on what to wear. They also do not have to spend hours in front of their wardrobes in the hopes of finding something to wear. They already have exactly what they need.


In addition, your firm is able to put out a unified look and feel. This makes it possible for the entire team to work as one, driving your firm to more success. At the end of the day, employees appreciate the quality of the apparel just as much as the brand and with Barron being known for superior quality, they know that the clothing they wear are made for everyday use. With such, they do not have to be concerned about fading, stretching, or the ripping of clothes after two or three times of wear.


You want the best for your firm, and this means giving your employees access to top-quality apparel in line with your corporate wear policies. View our online Barron clothing catalogue and contact us for order information.