Every brand, product, service or company has to be visible to the customer in order to get their business. It goes without saying – if the customer doesn’t know you exist, they cannot use your product or service!  This is why most marketing strategies usually focus on creating visibility for the brand. Once the brand becomes highly visible through exposure to the target market, brand recognition increases, as people are much more likely to use a brand or product that they are familiar with, over another brand that they have never encountered. This is true, even if just the brand name is familiar and they have never used the brand before. Once brand familiarity and brand recognition is increased, sales also increase, and it is up to the organisation to ensure that sales are also driven by quality, affordability and novelty – whichever the organisation sees as the main selling point of the product.


One of the best ways in which to get your brand recognised is through the purchase of branded clothing and other promotional items, so if your sales have not been wonderful lately and your marketing budget is small, you may be in need of branded corporate gifts and clothing to boost your visibility in your relevant market or even in public. Using branded items is one of the most cost-effective ways of marketing and getting a brand name out there, and there are many other reasons why your organisation is more in need of branded corporate gifts and clothing than you may think!


4 Reasons to Market with Branded Clothing and Corporate Gifts


  1. Advertising: When a person wears a branded garment or uses a branded item, they are essentially acting as an advertisement wherever the brand is visible. Employees wearing branded uniforms while performing their jobs instil trust and brand familiarity. Clients going to a golf day wearing your branded sports clothing gives the impression that they value your business, and anyone wearing a branded item makes the brand visible wherever they go – in a restaurant, on public transport, in the street – just about anywhere. The more often people can see your brand, the more familiar they become with it and the more likely they are to buy it!


  1. Brand loyalty: Clients, employees and other people who are given presents are more likely to be loyal to your brand if they feel like they are being awarded for using or displaying the brand. Even if they do not particularly use your brand, they will appear loyal to your brand, as they are associated with your brand through the act of displaying it. 


  1. Recognition & reward: It has been proven that employee morale is improved when performance is recognised and achievements are celebrated. Rewarding an employee for outstanding work by gifting a well-considered branded gift can go a long way towards giving them a sense of accomplishment and boosting their self-esteem.


  1. Cohesion: People that wear the same colour, outfit or brand associate better with each other, and better cohesion is created within a team if they are given the same branded clothing or item to wear. This wearing of the item shows that they are associated or affiliated with each other and the same group, and this makes it easier for them to work better towards a common goal.


If you still think that your company is not in need of branded corporate gifts and clothing, think again! It provides ample benefits of a media marketing campaign at a fraction of the cost. Contact our team at Best Clothing to find out more!