If you are looking to create some sort of identity for your group, company or team then it’s time to think about branding. Branding is vitally important if you are trying to create an impression in the minds of consumers, opposing teams or the general public. There are various forms of branding that you can choose from on the market with t-shirt printing being a popular option. Best Clothing in Pretoria can certainly provide you with this particular service at a cost-effective rate. What’s more is that you will simply love dealing with our friendly, professional and always helpful staff members.


When it comes to t-shirt branding we can offer silk screen printing. This particular process has been a popular one for many years and for good reason – it is quite simple to achieve a perfect result if the process is handled correctly. At Best Clothing, our staff members will ensure that you are provided with an end result that you will be absolutely happy with.


The process of silk screen printing involves the use of a mesh and ink blocking stencil. The stencil creates open areas of mesh where the ink is then pressed through and onto the t-shirt. When this is done correctly and with patience, a clear print is formed. At Best Clothing we guarantee that your end result will be clear, bright and eye catching.


Of course part of this printing process involves the actual design that you want printed. You can either provide us with the design you want printed or you can work with one of our friendly designers who will help you to create something that truly portrays your team or company image and brand.


We can also supply you with a range of good quality t-shirts to choose from. We stock only the finest attire from leading wholesale manufacturers. We ensure that each item that you consider is of a good quality and will not lose shape or colour as soon as you wash it. If cared for correctly, our products can last an extensive period of time.


At Best Clothing we have 20 years of experience in the clothing supply industry. We have spent a great deal of time ensuring that our range and our customer service are of the very best standard. Our staff members are all well-educated on our product range and can provide you with advice on each item and also assist you with selecting the right items for you. In addition to t-shirts and being able to print them for you, we also supply the market with access to corporate attire, work wear, sports gear and so on.


Take the time to chat to us at Best Clothing about our great rates for t-shirt printing in Pretoria. We will ensure that your company, team, club or sports group is able to function in the public eye boasting your image and brand with pride. Order your products from us and start benefiting from an improved impression without delay.