There is no denying the fact that branded clothing can do wonders for the image of your company. From an advertising and marketing point of view, the exposure can be most valuable, but it also helps to create an image of uniformity. The corporate world, sporting teams, clubs and even schools often require items to be screen printed, embroidered or similar and at Best Clothing we are more than happy to assist you with this.


Our range of products and services include top quality corporate, leisure and sports attire. Each item that we present to the market is manufactured from the finest quality materials and made to last; durability is absolutely important and something that is guaranteed from Best Clothing.


We have been working in the industry for over 20 years and as such can offer you a wealth of information and advice when it comes to choosing the right items, colours and branding options. Our team members will also ensure that you are provided with a prompt service that offers an exceptional turnaround time orders. We offer some of the most cost-effective rates on the market and will have your items delivered to your door. Our offices are located in Gauteng, but we are able to service companies from anywhere in South Africa.


We presented top quality brands of clothes to the market for you to choose from such as Barron Clothing, Global Brands, and Einstein Clothing and so on. We ensure that the items and brands that we are associated with are of the finest possible quality and that you are guaranteed to be making a wise investment for your company image and your team members.


Once you have decided which items are the best for your team, we can assist you with the actual branding process thereof. We offer screen printing services, embroidery and also video flex. Simply let us know which option you would prefer and we will ensure that you are provided with a detailed quotation for your perusal and consideration. If you would like each of the processes explained to you, you will find our team members and consultants happy to assist you. In fact, we will be there to help you every step of the way.


At Best Clothing our product range speaks for itself. We have a long line of loyal customers who have provided us with testimonials that will certainly put your mind at ease. When we handle the branding of your corporate or leisure attire you can expect for the job to be handled with professionalism and for the end result to be of such a high quality that you are proud to have your name, brand or image associated with it. If you would like to see samples of our past work, simply ask our consultants who will ensure that you get see some.


For branded clothing that will be able to meet with your needs without costing a fortune, Best Clothing is the only place to go. Chat to us about your needs and requirements and we will assist you with estimates and orders at your earliest convenience.