When seeking out a range of the finest quality active and corporate wear, you are bound to find the Altitude Clothing range to be of the best on the market. As an official Altitude clothing supplier, Best Clothing ensures that the entire range is made available to the market at a competitive rate. Our range caters to active, and corporate, leisure and kiddies wear which we make available not only to retailers, but wholesalers, sports clubs, schools and various businesses too.  


All clothing items that we stock from this particular brand are made from the best quality material which means you can expect attire that wears well; has a good cut and is durable enough for regular use. There are various reasons why you should choose to support us over other suppliers. For starters we can guarantee you a great price on items, we supply only the best quality products to the market, we offer a quick turnaround time on orders, our printing services are professional and of an excellent quality and we can have your order delivered to your door. We are located in Gauteng, but that does not limit us to service clients only in this area. We are able to easily service anyone situated absolutely anywhere within South Africa.


At Best Clothing we understand that the attire we supply you with will be associated with your business brand and image and with this in mind we go about selecting only items that meet with our high quality standards. Substandard items will not be supplied to the market by our team. We have over 20 years of experience and service in the industry and trust our team members and sales consultants to professional advice and manage our clients. Efficiency, professionalism and a friendly approach has earned us many years of support from our loyal customer base.


You will find that our staff members will be happy to advise you and assist you with selecting the right styles of clothing, the best colours and the most ideal fabric options. We can also assist you with the design of your artwork for printing onto the clothes once decided on. A complete professional service and promotional / branding solution will be presented to you by our team. We will ensure that the final product presented to you is one that you will be proud to have advertising your company and its image.


By branding your corporate or leisure attire you will be ensuring that your brand and company image is visible to your selected target audience. Watch your business grow as awareness of its existence and what it has to offer expands. With the help of our team your business will reach new heights.


Chat to our sales consultants about purchasing a range of Altitude clothing for your team members. We are professional and trusted suppliers on the market who will ensure that you are only provided with items that you will feel proud of and that your team will be comfortable in.