With so many consumers spending a lot of their time online, it becomes more difficult for the consumers to identify with the corporations as places where people work. The corporation owners or managers realise that when customers walk into their retail outlets, showrooms or even corporate offices that they will need some way to identify the corporation teams.


Identification of Employees


Nowadays when customers enter large grocery stores or fast-food outlets they are immediately able to identify the people who work there. Not only do the employees have shirts, jackets or pants which are in the colours of the store, but they also have logos printed on the apparel. They wear caps, shoes and even sweaters with the company logos. In this sense the corporate wear also becomes promotional clothing.




Indeed, the clothing becomes vehicles for advertising and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By being able to easily identify sales people, customers can call on the right people for assistance, and the employees take responsibility for their sections. They know that they are identifiable, even outside the company and thus act in line with corporate policies, even on lunch breaks. This helps to create accountability and to ensure the building of a positive image about the company.




The promotional clothing can also be used as incentives. It’s certainly not unusual for music event organisers to hand out promotional items such as hats, t-shirts or towels. These items are branded according to the sponsorships and become advertising vehicles. If the quality is high, the receiver most likely will show it to others and thus spread a positive message without the company having to invest more money in the specific process.


Not all items need to be of high quality since sometimes, just the mere thought counts, but if a company wants to create a lasting impression, it’s best to put in a bit more, especially when it comes to the printing of the logo and message of the company.


One can almost compare the promotional piece of clothing to a walking billboard. It should be of exceptional quality, representative of what to expect from the company and also durable enough to be used often. If the design is awful, the message ridiculous or colour simply not in fashion, the receiver most likely will throw it in a cupboard and forget about it. When this happens, the advertiser loses valuable money and promotion.


It’s thus important to partner with a company that:




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