Golf shirts, also often known as polo shirts, are similar in design to tennis apparel. The shirts feature collars, and two to a maximum of four buttons from the top. Some also come with one upper pocket. The main difference between the t-shirt and the golf shirt is the collar, but one can also distinguish the fabric. Golfing apparel are mostly made from a knitted technique and the fabric used ranges from polyester to silk or cotton.


The typical shirt now worn widely not only on the golf-course, but also as a casual clothing item for corporate workers during summer months, for team building events, and even also for cultural or club apparel was originally the main clothing item for tennis players.


Although golf was originally a rather formal sport, the formality levels have been dropped over the years and the sport has become more accessible to the average player. With such also, a trend shift could be observed and today, it’s better known as the golfing shirt rather than the polo or tennis shirt.


It differs from the polo type in that the placket extends lower and is double stitched whereas the polo collar features a typical one-ply placket and collar. The pocket came in for more convenience, allowing the player to keep a scorecard on the course. The pocket is also mostly located on the left side of the chest to cater for the majority of players who are right-handed.


Companies wanting to brand with such shirts prefer embroidery or high-quality printing of their logos on the pockets. Many shirts today, however, no longer feature the pockets, especially the ones made as corporate wear.


Original golf apparel


Modern golfing wear is considered more comfortable and suited for the outdoor sport. The original choice was one type of shirt for all gentlemen sports which included suits for the men and skirts for the ladies. Speculation has it that the pants were made from animal skin, which of course, would be a tad on the warm side, especially in a sunny environment. This eventually changed to knickers, which were loose fitting pants. During the first part of the 1900s, the idea of athletic clothing was introduced and it wasn’t long before comfortable and more functional apparel became the norm.


The V-neck sweater became the trend of the time and the bow tie became old-fashioned, although a few of die-hards kept the fashion alive for a little while longer. Many of them chose colourful apparel and the Scottish checkers pants became popular. Some of the apparel looked ridiculous, but nobody cared. They wanted to be seen and appreciated for their originality.


Modern times


Thanks to some more sane designers and large companies entering the golfing scene, the golf shirts of today don’t have any resemblance to shirts of old. Simplicity is at the order of the day, and with style being more important than the urge to be noticed, you can expect neat, almost corporate like apparel on the market today. View our full range of elegant and professional sports and corporate clothing. We also offer you printing options, ensuring that your logo will still be seen, but on clothing you will be proud to associate with.