When thinking of embroidery companies, people often imagine a group of seamstress specialists with needles meticulously crafting logos and designs onto material. Although certainly not wrong, modern embroidery companies no longer use the lengthy process.


Embroidery is indeed a process whereby a logo or design is crafted onto fabric by means of stitches, but modern embroidery companies make use of machinery instead of seamstress specialists. The artwork is designed on a computer, and using special software, the designed artwork is then transferred onto the desired item by means of a machine. It still involves stitches, but can be done on a much larger scale and with more consistent results.


Who uses embroidery?


Culture organisations and sport clubs often use embroidery to create badges which are attached onto jackets. These badges can give rank, the number of camps attended, special acknowledgements and the club or organisation name. Bike clubs often also use such embroidery based badges for their members.


Companies use the technology to brand their corporate wear, golf-shirts, and promotional items. With the process being slightly more expensive than say, screen printing, it’s often used for high-quality branding.


Benefit of the Technique


One major benefit of the technique, even when machines are used by the embroidery company, is that you can do a few items or many. With the master artwork saved on computer it’s also easy to request another run without having to make a new master plate.


Two-dimensional artwork can be converted into a machine readable file for 100% accuracy. The machine can do the work at high-speed and in modern times, you don’t have to order months ahead, simply because technology is now available to do it faster.




Embroidery is suitable for application on caps, uniforms, golf-shirts, hats, knitted shirts, sweaters and even washing towels. The emblems or designs look stunning for years to come and often even outlive the durability of the items used upon.




With modern techniques, exceptional quality can be provided. Even very fine detail can be transferred with pinpoint accuracy. As such, you can expect a standardised process and end-result.  You can also expect the stitches to be strong and thus durable.




It refers to the process of placing one material over another. Appliqué is a special form of embroidery and means to put upon. With this method you will create a pattern of one fabric over the other. It can also be used for images. The images are sewn onto the underlying fabric. This is a popular option with culture organisations.


With advances in technology over the last couple of years, even the age-old tradition of embroidery is now done, at least partly by machine. When you thus look for high-quality branding methods, consider this method since it provides end-results that are:



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