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The company has more than twenty years’ experience in the industry and has a proven track record of high quality products and service delivery. Indeed, Barron is the largest and best-known corporate and promotional apparel supplier on the continent.


Their range includes, but is not limited to:



In addition to being one of the leading corporate clothing suppliers, Barron is a reputable provider of high quality promotional items including for instance:



They’re also the exclusive distributors for famous sport brands such as NIKE Golf. As an authorised distributor of their products, we’re able to offer you low prices, high quality and excellent service in line with what you can expect from a brand such as Barron.


Promotional Clothing – The Why, What and How

Promotional apparel such as shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and caps are not only used when it comes to sponsorships or corporate days. In a digital age where the customers interact mostly through impersonal screens, they won’t be able to identify sales people or consultants on the floor without promotional corporate wear.


Not only the sales people, but every person in the company should wear easily identifiable company clothing. Many companies go as far as to colour code their departments to make it easier for clients or customers in identifying the role of the person. This of course, is also exceptionally useful for the internal workers who can easily spot a person out of place.


Corporate and Promotional Wear Help to Improve Accountability Ratios


If the employee is dressed in company or departmental clothing, he or she is more likely to take responsibility for their actions than when they are simply wearing normal unidentifiable clothing.


It’s because of this trend to dress according to the company colours and most often in specific apparel that employees also develop a more pertinent sense of belonging. They’re no longer just workers, but representatives of their company. It’s also beneficial for internal relations since the employees develop a feeling of belonging to a greater family instead of just being someone employed.


The apparel has one more benefit – that of neatness. When the company provides the branded clothing, they indeed also lay down the dress code and ensure that a uniform look and appearance can be presented to the world.


Sponsorships & Advertising


Apart from the corporate reasons for investing in uniforms or corporate dress, promotional items or garments can further the image of the company at sponsorships. If the apparel is stylish and durable, the receivers of such items are likely to wear the items or showcase them at several occasions. This ensures public image building long after the initial investment in promotional items.


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