When looking for safety or corporate uniform suppliers you will want to consider the following:



Pricing Structure


The price for a single uniform normally differs from that offered per set when ordering in bulk. You will want to look for uniform suppliers that offer low prices across the board. The price should be affordable even if you only buy one uniform. If, however, you buy in bulk, you will certainly want discounts to ensure that you can buy enough for the entire school, sports team or workforce of your company.




It is simply a waste of resources and time to have to purchase uniforms from one supplier and then having to search for another supplier that can offer branding. The best supplier, however, is the one that can offer free branding when you order in bulk.




Since uniforms are meant to be used daily or weekly over a long period, you will want the best quality products that will be able to withstand the wear of the specific job or sport.


Printing Services

Look for a company that will be able to offer screen printing, video flex, and embroidery on fabric. The mentioned methods for branding on fabrics are cost-effective and proven methods for high quality fabric prints.


Service Delivery


Quality of service is essential since you may not have time to return poor quality or improperly printed items to the supplier, especially if you have a deadline for an event where you would like your employees, school or team members to be dressed in their uniforms. As such it is imperative to select a uniform supplier that provides professional, on time, and high quality service on a consistent basis.


Customisation & Range


Look for a uniform supplier that is willing to customise clothing and prints according to your company’s specific needs. This will ensure a more targeted and relevant end-product. At the same time you will also want a supplier that offers an extensive range of clothing rather than one specific line since you may in future want to use the supplier services also regarding other types of corporate wear.




The supplier must be willing to deliver the products to your required address anywhere in the country. This will help to reduce the costs associated with collection.


Online Facility


The ideal supplier has an online facility for product browsing, ordering, and quote requests. In addition such a supplier will also have a call centre where helpful consultants answer all your questions.




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