Everybody loves a good T-shirt! They are comfortable, versatile and very, very effective at getting concepts across. A good logo or T-shirt message can go a long way towards making any brand stand out above others and therefore more memorable, but it is important that the design of the graphics or the T-shirt is done in a way that manages to draw a positive reaction. Here we go through some considerations to think about when deciding on a design for your custom T-shirt printing.


  1. Know the concept: Take your time to figure out exactly what message you want to get across and what the concept may be. Think about the feelings that you would like your T-shirt to evoke in others when they see it, and write down these emotions. This will help to create a better concept for you or the graphic designer to work with.


  1. Keep it simple: The devil is often in the details when it comes to custom T-shirt printing, and it is best to keep detail to a minimum, especially if your objective is to get a simple message across and not to draw the eye to a detailed artwork. Most people love things to be colourful and good to look at, but remember that most people will be seeing the T-shirt for short periods only, so it has to work in an instant.


  1. Design for your market: One of the fundamentals of marketing is that you have to know who you are sending your message to – and the design has to appeal to this particular group. Be conscious of what your target market likes and design somethings that will draw and keep them interested. Looking at T-shirts made for the same market by other companies may serve as inspiration (but never copy anything!).


  1. Don’t overdo the humour: We all love a little joke and T-shirts are especially good at getting ironic or funny concepts across. Humorous designs can work very well, but it is essential that they don’t come across as crass or cheap.  Done properly, a humorous T-shirt can turn a lot of heads, but it has to be subtle – and funny!


  1. Use colour well: Often, we are limited to the colours of the brand, but this does not mean that the custom T-shirt printing should be boring! Using colour effectively means using complementary colours that work well together and incorporate the main colours of the logo. Experts also advise keeping the colours down to a reasonable level and not to use too many, as this could confuse the eye and distort the message.


  1. Get the artwork designed properly: Ensure that artwork is designed in a format that printers can easily use, or use a designer who specialises in custom T-shirt printing. This means that they will have a good eye and be able to tell what is going to work on a T-shirt and what not. Also ensure that you see a sample in print, before going ahead and placing a bulk order!


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