Branding plays an important role in setting your business apart in the highly competitive world of commerce. It is essential to make your people visible and to ensure a good first impression with business partners and customers alike. Investing in corporate clothing with logo branding forms part of the process.


High-quality company apparel is important, but without the company logo, the apparel serves only to create a professional image. Consider how much you invest in visible marketing through magazine and newspaper ads, online advertising, social media presence, and more, and it makes sense to extend the marketing to the corporate wear through the addition of logo branding.


The logo becomes the branding tool, and your employees become the vehicles for making the brand visible. Every interaction they have with clients is an opportunity to establish brand trust. The branding is a silent confirmation of your commitment to quality and customer care.


Of course, company wear does not have to be formal. Whether your employees wear golf shirts, t-shirts, jackets, or striped shirts, the brand is underlined with the addition of the company’s emblem to the apparel.


For polo shirts, we recommend embroidery as the means for adding the emblem. It guarantees a stylish finish. In addition, the method ensures longevity of the image. Another advantage is that you can wash the corporate clothing without fear of the logo fading.


When it comes to informal wear for team sports or outings, consider silk screen printing. This is a superb method for branding your company’s image onto the casual wear at an affordable cost. Of course, with a master plate used, the method is best suited for bulk printing.


The size of the logo matters. If it is for casual wear, go with a larger and more visible print. For formal and work wear, the embroidery method is the best, as it makes it possible to have a small image with superb definition added to the apparel. Indeed, you can even add the image to ties, caps, and ladies’ blouses. Subtle is more for the office wear, whereas higher visibility may be required for workers at a car wash, retail store, or pub.


Advantages of Choosing Corporate Clothing with Branding:



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We understand that you want the convenience of being able to order products online without having to leave the office. To this end, we have online catalogues for all the major brands that we represent. You have several options when it comes to the colour of the apparel. And you have the choice between embroidery and silk screen print transfers. We guarantee quality products and services. For us, every client is important. Whether you order products for a team of ten people or want a bulk order for a company of 500 employees, we are able to deliver the quantity and quality required.


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