Were you and your team excited when the new corporate uniforms were delivered? We all love new things, and it’s always exciting when you don a new wardrobe. Getting dressed in corporate clothing is fun, and your workforce even feels proud of wearing the quality corporate garb featuring company colours and insignia. Eventually though it loses its shine. What once seemed so new has become dull and boring. Sound familiar?


This is not the inevitable path of all corporate clothing. At least it doesn’t have to be. However, there is a higher risk of corporate uniforms becoming stale and losing their shine and appeal. This is why you need to take preventative measures. When a business invests in a new range of uniforms for its team, it is often a significant time and money investment.


Keeping things interesting and fresh is the key to maintaining your investment’s longevity. Here are three of the top reasons why corporate wear can lose its shine, and what you can do to remedy it.


#1 Options Are Limited


While a corporate uniform has to adhere to specific style and company colours, affording your employees no options with regards to their uniforms is going to frustrate them.


Pro fix: Select from a range of styles in your corporate colours to give your employees options. For example, rather than having just one colour for the shirt, opt for two or three versions. Perhaps a blue, white and a stripe option. As long as the colours work well with your brand, you can’t go wrong. What’s more, you give your employees some freedom to express their individualism, and no one feels boxed in.


#2 No Uniform Policy


After spending all the money on your corporate clothing, you need to ensure that a uniform policy is implemented. No policy leads to no guidance. Don’t waste your time or money on corporate clothing without a proper follow-through.


Pro tip: Draft a uniform policy stipulating how to wear the uniform, when to wear it, and which employees should wear it. Address issues such as accessories, tattoos, hair and shoes. If the uniforms aren’t worn well, then over time people tend to become relaxed and the uniform ceases to look like a “uniform”.


#3 Garments Not Replaced


It’s easy to become lax. Things happen, deadlines need to be met, clients serviced and targets achieved. But regardless of the quality, all clothing items eventually need replacing. Garments shrink and stretch, fade and lose colour. They start to look old and worn. If you aren’t buying new items each year, the overall look of the company’s uniform will fade.


Pro fix: Implement an anniversary system where employees are provided with a new uniform on their one-year anniversary mark. This system ensures that you won’t skip an employee.


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