Corporate clothing is an important component of your company’s success. In fact, staff uniforms and corporate attire enable your workforce to truly be seen. What you and your team are wearing create the very basis of your target audience’s first, and possible eternal, impression of your business. Image is everything in the business world and if you’re shopping around at various corporate clothing suppliers to consider your options, remember that the chosen uniforms will serve as more than just clothing – they’re great marketing and brand awareness tools too.


Here are a few tips to help you make sound corporate clothing decisions:



Whether you are approaching local corporate clothing suppliers for casual wear or business attire, make sure that there is a certain formal element to the pieces chosen. The last thing you want is for your business to look slack or inappropriate, even on “casual Fridays”. Shop according to what your customers want to see in their service providers. For instance, a high-profile accounting firm should probably avoid company branded shorts and slops for workwear.



It’s important to ensure that your business colours and logo are presented on the clothing that you order for your team. Be clever about how you incorporate those colours to ensure that the outfit still looks stylish, while being easily recognised. For instance, if your corporate colour is luminous orange, perhaps consider white blouses with orange tie scarfs and accessories, rather than opting for a too-bright-too-bold ensemble.



Your staff members will undoubtedly be all different shapes and sizes, and this means that what will flatter one staff member might actually look sloppy or ill-fitting on another. How your staff members look will ultimately affect how they feel and this can have a direct bearing on the company’s image, as well as productivity levels. To avoid some staff members looking and feeling subpar, offer a variety of corporate clothing items suited to different styles, shapes and sizes. In this way, all staff members will be able to wear the company clothing, in a style, cut and size of their own choice.



All corporate clothing suppliers will have their own products and prices, which means that there’s something to suit any budget. Consider what sort of working environment your staff members will be working in and choose fabrics that will cater to it and keep them comfortable. Opt for fabrics that breathe well and remain cool, and make sure that they are suited to regular wash and wear. Quality in fabric is vitally important when choosing corporate clothing.


These are just a few tips to help you make better choices when buying corporate clothing. If you’re shopping around for corporate clothing suppliers in your area, take the time to get in touch with us at Best Clothing. We are available via email and telephone, and look forward to assisting you further.