Do you want to increase unity in your team, while increasing your company’s brand exposure? You may believe that corporate clothing for your staff means nothing more than a work uniform… but there are actually a host of benefits associated with choosing corporate workwear.


Corporate Clothing for Your Staff Is No Longer Boring


In the past, most corporate workwear options were rather limited, boring to look at, and had just about no style. These days, however, you can dress your employees for success in clothing that is fashionable, eye-catching, and suitable for the work they are doing, while promoting your company logo and colours at the same time.


At Best Clothing, we have a huge range of corporate clothing for your staff – from golf shirts and branded sportswear, to professional office wear. We offer a variety of colours, or you can have items specially made in your corporate colours, and you can incorporate logos and company graphics in the form of embroidery or screen printing. The world really is your oyster!


The Advantages of Branded Workwear


Corporate clothing is the ideal way to add an extra dash of professionalism to your company image. These are just a few of the benefits that branded workwear offers:


1. Create a great first impression


Regardless of what anyone says, first impressions count a lot, and clients will judge your staff by how they look. Corporate clothing ensures that your employees always look well-groomed, and are appropriately dressed for the occasion – whether it’s a business meeting, a networking breakfast, a visit to a construction site, or a company sports day.


2. Create a sense of team unity


Most workplaces centre around teams of people working together to achieve a common goal. By dressing your employees in branded colours and matching fabrics, you enhance the sense of unity in your teams.


3. Increase company pride


When attending events, such as conferences and networking events, your staff are highly visible as all belonging to the same company and being part of the same team. This increases company pride, as your staff then become brand ambassadors responsible for protecting the company image outside of the workplace.


4. Save money for your employees


Your employees will thank you if you provide a corporate workwear budget. Professional looking workwear can set your staff back thousands of rands, but this is not something that they need to worry about if they have a corporate uniform. In this way, corporate clothing for your staff is really of enormous benefit to your employees, as they save money on buying new clothes.


5. Increase the visibility of your brand


Corporate clothing for your staff is basically free advertising for your company. By including your company colours in a stylish way, and incorporating your logo as well, your employees become walking billboards. Branded sportswear, such as caps and golf shirts, worn at casual company events have an even greater effect as superb promotional branding tools.


6. Company security and employee protection


In large companies, or workplaces that include restricted areas, a company uniform ensures that security staff are automatically aware of anyone who does not belong in a particular area. In addition, corporate workwear can include protective gear for employees working in high-risk jobs (such as construction or working with chemicals), thus ensuring that the protective workwear is of consistent high quality for all employees.


Are you looking for high-quality, professional corporate clothing for your staff? Best Clothing is a trusted and reputable supplier of branded clothing and workwear. We offer a wide range of corporate clothing options – from office wear to sportswear – and can customise your chosen designs with fabrics in your company colours. Give us a call today and we can chat about how we can help you.