With Johannesburg known for being the business hub of the country, many corporations have their offices in South Africa’s City of Gold. But what sets your employees apart from the rest of the people working in the city? The answer is customised corporate wear from one of the reputable corporate clothing manufacturers in Johannesburg. Uniforms and corporate apparel can be used as branding vehicles for your company, helping your employees to be clearly distinguishable from all the other employees in Johannesburg. Here’s why:

  1. Solid ROI

With around 30% of pamphlets getting read and, from that group, a 1-2% response rate – and an even smaller sales conversion rate – you have to ask why anyone still invests in flyers. Rather opt for a more permanent advertising medium. Corporate clothing is worn with pride, has a far longer lifespan than a news or media ad, and certainly gets a better response than a flyer. If the employees dress in your company clothing, customers see your brand. When an employee goes on lunch or home, they still wear the clothing, making them mobile advertisements that place your brand in front of your target audience, especially in a large city like Johannesburg.

  1. More Cost-Effective than Most Advertising Channels

Printed newspaper ads have a lifespan of 1-7 days. In monthly magazines, they have a slightly longer lifespan. However, spending thousands on print ads for reinforcement of your brand makes no sense if you can get the same or better effect with branded company wear. Your employees look good and your brand stands out for a long time. With smart wear from a corporate clothing manufacturer, you get a long-term return on branding spend.

  1. Multifunctional Items

Who better to be ambassadors of your brand than your employees? They work at the company, receive their remuneration from the company, and have vested interests in your brand. Giving them branded apparel serves a double function. It creates a uniform look and it provides you with walking billboards for your company.

  1. Tax-Deductible Expense

Investing in corporate wear gives your company a direct operating-deductible expense and thus helps to reduce your tax exposure.

But, apart from using the apparel to advertise your company, think about the in-house benefits such as:

  1. Higher Employee Morale

Having a job at a respected company is a status symbol. Investing in your employees shows them that you care. They don’t have to compete with colleagues in how to dress and spend less on clothing for work. You save them money and make it easier for them to always look and feel professional.

  1. Higher Productivity

People dressed in uniform or work apparel tend to be more productive. The moment they are dressed in corporate wear, they become aware of their role. As the result, they get into work mode and you benefit from a higher level of productivity amongst employees.

  1. Loyalty to the Company

Employees are aware of their roles as ambassadors of the brand when they wear corporate clothing. Customers see them and with every positive interaction with the brand, loyalty increases.

Make the best of your branding opportunities. Call us as one of the leading corporate clothing manufacturers in Johannesburg for customisation options and quotes.