A corporate uniform policy ensures that your investment in money and time won’t go to waste. Many companies put so much energy into creating beautiful corporate clothing for their teams, only to see it slowly fall by the wayside after the first order is delivered. A uniform policy is the only way to ensure long-term success, and to make sure that your company benefits from being seen as a unit and a strong team.


Some companies have very strict corporate clothing and uniform policies, while others are more relaxed. Whatever your approach is, if you are going to work with corporate clothing manufacturers to come up with the perfect uniform for your front-of-house staff, then you need to be sure that your company enjoys the maximum benefits from this investment. Your company’s dress code also ensures that staff are dressing appropriately for your industry.


Creating Your Company’s Uniform Policy


When setting up your company’s uniform policy and dress code, don’t approach it as an adversarial process. Make sure that your employees know why it’s important to put forth a neat and united front, and that the uniforms are an extension of the company’s branding. Let them know that you all love the company and its brand, as well as what it represents, and that’s why you have implemented a unique uniform range to complement the brand.


The uniform is designed with the team in mind, and will be comfortable and easy to wear. With wearing a uniform, there are some rules, which are outlined in your uniform policy. This policy should deal with the following:



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