Although most corporate concerns in Johannesburg had their headquarters in the city centre for many, many years, until the latter 1970s and early 1980s, congested traffic patterns, inadequate parking facilities, and creeping urban decay became instrumental in their relocation to areas that had formerly been exclusively residential.


Then, the northern suburbs of Johannesburg still consisted of large, sprawling residential properties, semi-rural country estates and smallholdings, as well as open spaces – veld, the ubiquitous grassy Highveld vegetation. The population of this northern area was relatively affluent and fashion-conscious too because they could afford to dress well when they donned smart clothing to go to town.


Corporate Employers in Johannesburg


Most locals who lived in and around Sandton, Rosebank, Hyde Park, Bryanston, and Rivonia were accustomed to commuting to the central city, where they were employed by large corporates or national retail department stores.


This was also where they shopped for clothing and accessories, as did most people who lived in outlying areas, because up until the period in question, Johannesburg was the fashion capital of the country. Moreover, by and large, outlets located in smaller shopping centres and independently owned stores in the suburbs did not stock and sell high-fashion garments and big brand merchandise.


Prime Johannesburg Property


Both the immediate and broader Sandton regions offered prime property for development, ripe for corporate development, particularly once Sandton City and its office towers were completed. Many more separate corporate premises were established; Sandton and surrounds became the new Johannesburg CBD and the hub of the South African economy, a position and status which the area retains to this day.


The Place to Go


It didn’t take long for Sandton to become an exceptionally trendy and sought-after area. For both some of the best employment opportunities to be had, in prestigious, major corporate concerns, as well as for the shopping facilities on offer. These were popular for the acquisition of the latest national and international clothing and haute couture lines. Johannesburg was to place to go.


Opportunities to Update


The northwards move to the new Johannesburg economic hub was also a great opportunity for businesses there to upgrade and update their employees’ workwear wardrobes, with new-look corporate clothing, obtained from relevant industry leaders, like Best Clothing and Gifts.


Best Clothing Suppliers


At Best Clothing and Gifts, we really do strive to be the best at what we do, which is what gets us going every morning when we leave home to go to work – to manufacture, supply, brand, and if required, custom-design and produce virtually all types and styles of corporate clothing, workwear, team wear, and sportswear. Our product portfolio extends much further, but we’re focusing on attire here, for the moment.


We are situated quite centrally, in Midrand, more or less midway between Pretoria and Johannesburg – two of our bustling areas of supply, service, and operation. Our international client base is growing too since Best Clothing’s proud reputation as a leader in its industry is built on the quality of our affordable products, value for money, service excellence, extensive collections, and our willingness and ability to go the extra mile to keep our clients satisfied and well-dressed for work.


Additional Brands


In addition to our Best manufacturing function, we’re also recognised suppliers of apparel from Barron, Altitude, Slazenger, US Basic, Biz Collection, and Elevate Clothing.


These are brands which also comply with our and our clients’ high standards, expectations, and demands for the finest product quality, a wide selection, comprehensive collections, and value for money – cornerstones of respected role players in the competitive corporate garment market in Johannesburg and much further afield.


Dress to Impress


Although Johannesburg’s garment market has a high fashion and famous brand reputation, corporate apparel here and elsewhere tends to feature modern designs that focus on classic, enduring, neat and elegant fashions, which do not date within a few seasons.


At Best Clothing and Gifts, our collections reflect elegance, easy sophistication, and the essence of classic design – a wide selection of corporate attire, designed and cut to suit, flatter, and fit all body types, shapes, sizes, and silhouettes.


Tastefully attired in our clothing, you can ensure that members of your personnel complement are perfectly poised when on duty – comfortable, confident and smart in the midst of Johannesburg’s competitive corporate environment, effortlessly dressed to impress, representing your company and brand professionally – best and brilliantly.