Incorporating your company’s corporate colours in your team’s clothing may not always be the most sensible fashion decision. A practical example could be where your corporate colours are yellow and brown, which don’t make a great combination in clothing. Oftentimes, people think all corporate colours should be represented in a uniform, but this doesn’t need to be the case.


There are so many great ways for your company to incorporate its colours to create effective, fashionable and comfortable corporate clothing, without making the colours the central focus of the clothes. Let’s take a look at four ways in which you can include colours with your corporate clothing that add to, and don’t take away from your company’s brand and identity.


#1 Contrast Fabrics


By choosing a base shirt colour that complements your brand, you can then decide on a secondary fabric that brings in a second colour to enhance the overall shirt. An example would be using a red checked shirt and bringing in a navy-blue check. You are thus able to effectively incorporate two corporate colours into your uniform, without having to find a fabric that has both blue and red.


#2 Coloured Belts


Adding a slim leather belt to a dark dress or suit adds a pop of colour, and allows your employees to add accents of your corporate colours. There are plenty of stock colours to choose from, or alternatively, you can create a custom leather belt in your company’s exact colours.


#3 Suit Lining


Ever thought about designing your company’s suit uniform with lining that reflects the corporate colours of the brand? There are so many different ways in which you can do this, like opting for a block colour that forms part of the branding, for instance.


#4 Bright Jackets


Another option would be to keep the bottoms a classic dark colour, such as charcoal, black or navy, with a patterned or plain shirt, and then add a jacket in a bright hue, or a colour that reflects your brand personality. Colours can be used effectively to either brighten or soften the overall look.


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