Corporate clothing for ladies is designed with the female body in mind. As such, the lines are feminine, whilst comfort is never compromised. Various categories can be distinguished, which are briefly discussed below.


Casual Business Wear for Ladies


Casual corporate clothing is now welcomed in many business settings. Numerous companies, especially in the tech industry, have moved away from formal wear for ladies. They lean towards apparel, such as T-shirts, open-toe shoes, comfortable slacks, and casual jackets. Knee-height shorts are also allowed in such settings. However, in most business settings, the employees still wear smart-casual corporate attire when visiting client premises.


Smart Casual Corporate Attire for Women


The attire is slightly more formal than casual. Wear includes sandals, skirts, blouses, blazers, and loose pants. The employees visit client premises, wearing the casual attire. Most modern business settings allow for smart casual wear. Ladies appreciate the comfort and flexibility offered.


Company Casual Wear for Females


Media companies, IT firms, and realtor firms often prefer a more casual, yet business-type look and feel. This is known as business casual. Clothing styles are more comfortable, but companies can add their logos to set a business feel. Button-down shirts, blouses, trousers, blazers, and pencil skirts fall within this category. Everything from heels to boots and sandals is appropriate footwear.


Company Formal or Professional Wear for Ladies


Law firms lean towards the formal look and feel. Business executives and top-level management, real-estate agents, and academics often wear business formal-type clothing. Tidy flats, heels, and closed-toe shoes are appropriate for such wear.


Corporate Formal Attire


Clothing in this category is usually for evening events and the director meetings. For power dress, formal wear is recommended. Blue-chip firms in the financial sector often lean towards the formal style.


Our collection includes clothing for ladies from every category. As such, you can select the styles you find most appropriate for the culture of your firm. Keep the following in mind when selecting the wear:


Universal appeal


Select styles, colours, and cuts that will look good on slim and overweight, short and tall ladies. Give a choice between pencil skirts and neat pants. Senior personnel often do not want to wear shorter skirts. Allow the females in your office to have choices. To this end, you will appreciate the extensiveness of our collection.


Cater for Every Season


The collection should include summer, winter, spring, and autumn appropriate wear. Some days are hotter than others. You want to ensure the comfort of your employees, whilst also ensuring that they have something to wear regardless of the weather conditions. Remember, they may be in the air-conditioned environment for most of the time, but they still need to go out to clients or go on lunch. To this end, they must have attire appropriate for the particular climate and setting.


Brand Your Wear


We offer embroidery for smart casual, business casual, and business formal wear for ladies. In this way, you can brand without taking away from the elegance of the clothing. View our range of corporate wear and place your order or contact us for personal assistance.