While a smart business suit or an elegantly-tailored two-piece costume may serve to identify the wearer as a senior male or female executive, this traditional formal wear is purely generic and conveys nothing about the company that the wearer may represent. By contrast, when a company chooses to array its employees in corporate clothing with custom branding, each of its staff members is instantly transformed into an ambassador for that brand. Seen not only in the office, but also on the streets and perhaps on public transport, an employee in a uniform with its unique logo delivers a message that is absorbed, whether consciously or otherwise, by all who may have a chance to see it.


In addition to the obvious benefits of a uniform as a marketing tool, it also offers some more subtle, but equally valuable in-house opportunities. A uniform can be the ideal means with which to create a sense of belonging and a shared identity that inspires cooperation in the pursuit of common goals. During weekend leisure time, when casual wear is the order of the day, corporate clothing with custom branding can prove to be equally effective as a promotional tool. No longer decked out in a blazer and company tie or cravat, but sporting either a golf or polo shirt, a fleece, or a tracksuit distinguished by an embroidered or printed company logo, once again, the wearer is transformed into a mobile advertisement.


When presented to a favoured client rather than issued to an employee, the potential benefit to the company of corporate clothing with custom branding such as these sportswear items, can be even further enhanced due to the goodwill inherent in the gesture. Incorporating a company logo into such items can pose challenges and may require the use of differing techniques depending upon the nature of the material to be branded and the complexity of the proposed artwork. Embroidery, for example, is particularly suitable for use on knitted garments, such as shirts, sweaters, and towels, or on caps, hats, and golf shirts.


For use on a company T-shirt, however, it is more common to employ silk-screen printing. Although very effective, this technique provides a cheaper option when purchasing this type of clothing with custom branding in bulk quantities as corporate gifts, for example. On occasions, the artwork may contain fine detail and an embossed or silk-screened logo may be unsuitable. In such cases, a supplier that has the facilities to undertake the task in-house may offer a digital solution. Heat-transfer and sublimation printing are both processes that are able to produce full-colour images of superior quality, the latter being most effective when applied to garments manufactured from white polyester materials and other modern synthetics. Where a more subtle effect may be required, a full-colour, printed sticker may be secured to a zip puller with polyurethane resin.


When shopping for corporate clothing with custom branding, quality and value for money are every bit as important as breadth of choice, and the need is for a supplier that can offer all three. Meeting this requirement in full for a number of years, Best Clothing is a company that has become a preferred supplier of such apparel in South Africa and many other southern African nations.