Traditionally, catalogues were sent out to people who did not have ready access to shops, and also to serve as a showcase of the available products to consumers. A printed paper copy with pages and pages of merchandise, attractively displayed and modelled, were sent to the consumer in order to attract them to buy.


Usually, catalogues were distributed with a mail-order system by post, attached to magazines, or included in regular publications. This also made life a lot easier for organisations that needed to purchase particular products from certain suppliers but also needed to know what was available. A corporate clothing catalogue, for instance, could be sent to the buyer in order to give them a wide choice of options, and to display the types of clothing, promotional items, and other products that were available.


Today, corporate clothing catalogues and other types of catalogues are still used for the same purposes, but with the huge advances in online display and buying, the landscape has changed. A paper-printed corporate clothing catalogue is usually only available by specific request, while these catalogues can be found online by anyone who wants to view them. This means that online corporate clothing catalogues have provided distributors, wholesalers, and retailers with an updated version of an old yet very effective marketing and sales tool.


Modern technology has advanced to the point where an online corporate clothing catalogue is no longer just a catalogue for sales purposes. Software and tools have been developed that allow the sellers to track trends, to see which items are looked at most often and by whom, and to gauge the interest in new or old ranges.


The convenience of an online corporate clothing catalogue is also invaluable for the buyer. It allows him or her to get a good idea of what is on sale, and in which sizes, colours, finishes, and shapes. This also makes choosing high-quality corporate clothing or other promotional items, such as sports gear, bags, caps, and many other items much easier.


Online purchasing tools have been developed to make it easy to place an order and pay for it at the same time. The orders are placed immediately with the distributor or seller, and then packaged and couriered or posted, without the buyer having to leave the room.


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