The benefits of corporate clothing and branding are numerous. From brand visibility and awareness, to a professional appearance and employee loyalty and safety – standardised workwear can add a lot of value to your business. The key to unlocking this value lies in consideration and quality.


It is these features – consideration and quality – that sets Best Clothing apart from other suppliers, and which have made us the choice partner for many leading retailers and corporates when sourcing corporate clothing and branding solutions. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and that there is no “one solution fits all” when it comes to clothing.


To cater for this, we offer a range of corporate clothing and branding solutions to make sure that what you receive adds value to your business:


Corporate Clothing


We stock a number of brands, including Altitude, Amrod, and Barron. These brands are trusted and known for the value for money and the superior quality they offer. These affordable and durable items include shirts, blouses, trousers, jackets, stretch pants, crop pants, blazers, pants, skirts, and more.


Custom Clothing


In addition to sourcing and supplying clothes and the branding thereof, we also have the capacity to produce custom clothes for your team. From conceptualisation, to the sourcing of materials, to creating quality garments, we can assist you every step of the way to create the perfect fit for your business.


Workwear and Uniforms


Branded uniforms create a professional appearance, help the public to quickly and easily identify your staff members, and can act as advertising for your brand. We offer a one-stop solution. We can source or create the uniforms and apply the imaging or wording of your choice to it. No more sourcing of different suppliers!




We also offer a range of active wear, such as moisture management sports t-shirts, golf shirts, polo shirts, lightweight fleece jackets, trousers, jackets, and track suits.




When it comes to branding, embroidering is one of the most popular and highest quality options. It looks professional, is highly durable, and can be applied on anything from caps, uniforms, golf-shirts, hats, and knitted shirts, to sweaters and even washing towels.


Silk Screen Printing


This method of printing has been popular for many years, because of the speed, low cost, and accuracy it offers. This is particularly suitable for t-shirts and for high volume orders.


Video-Flex Branding


Images are transferred onto t-shirts using a heat press. It provides a cost-effective method of branding and is a great solution for companies looking to place smaller orders.


With so many options and solutions available, it is clear why we are a local leader in the manufacturing, sourcing, supplying, and application of corporate clothes and branding. Located in Gauteng, we service a range of national and regional businesses throughout the whole of South Africa, and a number of large, leading retailers and corporates feature on our extensive client portfolio. So, if you are looking for the absolute best in corporate clothing for your business, get in touch with our expert team.