As a leading supplier of corporate clothing and branding in Pretoria, we provide apparel and branding solutions to meet client’s specific requirements.


You most probably already know what type of corporate clothing you are looking for, but when it comes to branding, what type of print must be used?


Fortunately, our consultants in Pretoria have years of experience in helping clients select the right sizes, types and colours of corporate clothing. In addition, they are also very knowledgeable when it comes to the best type of printing on various items including corporate wear and will thus gladly provide you with a detailed explanation of each process and its applicability for your specific branding requirements.


But let’s take a look at the various printing methods available to help you make an informed decision regarding the branding of your corporate clothing.




It is a print method that entails the usage of a sophisticated heat press to transfer the brand image, such as logos or slogans, onto T-shirts. This method is well-suited for printing of promotional or casual corporate wear items. Choose this method if you have only a small order, since it does not require special setups or master prints. As such, even if you only need one or two prints, it is still a cost-effective method for printing onto apparel.


The thing that makes video-flex great is the ability to print rather complex images onto the fabric without having to create specific stencils for the prints. It is a fast print method and if you want branding done for a sponsored event and want to do so at the last minute, video-flex is the answer.


Another advantage is that it can be used for printing art work or designs of various sizes and formats. If you want to reduce the time it takes to print, go with lighter corporate or promotional garments. The prints will also be cheaper.


Silkscreen Printing


Perhaps the best-known printing method used for branding T-shirts, silkscreen printing is as popular today as it has been ten years ago. The reason is simple: it is an affordable print method for large orders and because a rather straightforward print process is used, the quality of the print is overall good.


It involves the usage of a mesh together with an ink block stencil. The stencil is created for the particular print and is applied to the mesh where it creates open areas. Using a press method, the ink is pushed through the open areas created by the stencil on the mesh onto the print surface. This is the method to select if you want to brand T-shirts and want bulk printing. Keep in mind that the process takes longer than video-flex and, consequently, it is important to discuss your branding requirements with our consultants in Pretoria to ensure high quality work in the given timeframe.




This is the best method for branding onto corporate clothing if elegance, precision, and durability are your focus points. The method is applicable to usage on caps, shirts, knitted shirts, towels, hats, pants, sweaters, and the likes. With the precision of embroidery, your emblems will look amazing and because of the stitch method applied, the emblems will be durable.


Embroidery is the perfect branding tool for companies wanting to portray a distinct professional image. We offer custom embroidery services for branding on almost any type of fabric.


Which Method is Best?


It depends on the purpose of the clothing and branding. If you want to print T-shirts for sponsored events or team building and for promotions, silkscreen printing is the most cost-effective and best for bulk orders. If the idea is to print award T-shirts or just a few branded T-shirts for usage at a trade fair, video-flex branding is the cost-effective method and will also be great for advertising a particular event. For corporate clothing that must be durable and which your employees will wear as ambassadors of your brand when dealing with clients at your company or as daily corporate wear, embroidery is the best-suited branding method.