You now have the opportunity to buy corporate clothing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Whether you are located in Cape Town, Bloemfontein or Johannesburg, with our online shopping facility, it is possible to make your choice, order online, and then have your items delivered to the doorstep of your business’s premises. That being said, you are welcome to visit us if you are located in Johannesburg, and our consultants are here to assist in the conceptualisation, design, selection of fabrics and styles, and the sourcing of materials, in addition with helping with the print designs to ensure stunning end results.


KFC, News Cafe, and many other top companies are among our satisfied clients. But, let’s take a look at what we offer you to give you an idea of why you will benefit when you buy corporate clothing from us.


  1. Top Brands


We are a trusted and proven supplier of superior quality apparel, whether casual wear, sportswear, uniforms or corporate clothing. We supply the Altitude and Barron brands of clothing. Both companies are known for superior workmanship, customisation of clothing to suit client requirements, and exceptional quality of fabrics. Both firms are also known for trendy designs and innovative thinking that keeps with the times.


  1. Wide Range


Take a look at the range of corporate clothing you can buy. Everything from ladies’ jackets and shirts, to pants are available, and you can also buy full suits for male employees, shirts, golf shirts and sportswear. The golf shirts are particularly popular where companies want their employees to be dressed neatly, without going fully corporate. Front-of-house staff at fast-food outlets, computer technicians, sales people, retail floor assistants, and more benefit from our extensive range of golf shirts. Indeed, we offer such a wide range that you will be able to find the appropriate apparel for every occasion. The range includes, but is certainly not limited to:



  1. Promotional Clothing


Think of the corporate wear as branding vehicles. Your employees become walking billboards for your brand, so whether they are at your office in Johannesburg, on the golf course in Pretoria or travelling to clients across the country, where they go, your brand goes. As such, investing in promotional clothing for your employees is also an advertising endeavour. With the longevity of the clothing, your brand message is delivered over a long period, and people become familiar with the brand.


Of course, sponsorships form a large part of public relations, marketing and advertising campaigns. Whether you sponsor the local Moto X club or a provincial team of hockey players, getting your brand to be noticed is important, and here is where our expertise in various forms of print comes in handy.


We offer everything from the embroidering for your official or formal corporate clothing, to the video-flex image transfers for T-shirts. In addition, you can benefit from the availability of print methods, such as screen printing, sublimation printing, laser on clothing, and combinations. With such, you are able to fully customise your corporate clothing to portray your brand message and image the way you want to.


What Next?


Browse our extensive range of clothing and corporate gifts to get an idea of what we have on offer. Submit your order or have us call you to discuss the details of your particular order to ensure accurate quotes and superior quality service, whether you buy corporate clothing from our offices in Johannesburg, or do so through an online order.