The benefits of branded corporate attire are simply phenomenal. Not only will branded clothing make your corporate team look smart and professional, it will also act as an effective advertising medium for your business. Creating awareness of your business brand in today’s competitive market can be tough, and so you will need to rely on your staff members and their appearance, attitude and professionalism to really drive your brand awareness home. How do you get started with implementing corporate clothing to your business? The first step is to buy branded clothing online. Of course, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you decide which items of clothing to buy and how to brand them.


First and foremost, take the climate and seasons into account. While you might want to see your staff members in skirts and blouses, you might need to cater to some pants, jackets or jerseys too. Remember that you are dressing your staff members, so they will need a variety of items to choose from. Chat to your chosen supplier about the fabrics used and how comfortable and breathable they are. The last thing that you want is your staff members looking great, but feeling uncomfortable. That will just result in a decline in productivity and we all know that that means a decline in profits. Try to include your staff members in the choosing of clothing options. Provide both ladies and gents with different shirt and pants options, or different jacket options. See what the general consensus is before you make your ultimate decision.


When looking into branded corporate attire, choose colours that are more neutral than bright or garish. Some colours just won’t suit all of your staff members and you also don’t want the attire to detract from the appeal of your logo or other branding on the item. Chat to the supplier and their in-house designers about your artwork, and where you would like it featured. They should be able to draw up a mock-up of the placement for you, so that you can truly visualise the items before you settle on them. Embroidery and silkscreen printing are the two common types of branding options for corporate attire – just make sure that your artwork will be clearly visible with the type of branding that you choose.


At Best Clothing, we supply a wide range of corporate clothing items to the market. Those looking to buy branded clothing online can do so with absolute peace of mind that they are investing in a top-quality and durable product when shopping with us. We have an exceptional track record and are trusted by many big brands to brand their greatest assets: their people.


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