Nowadays, most successful enterprises are very aware of corporate branding, which typically appears in diverse forms. This includes logos in print and electronic media, advertising and marketing campaigns, signage and posters, and branding on corporate clothing. All of them advertise and promote a particular company and their various concerns.


Branding Techniques


Good quality, well-fitting and expertly manufactured corporate clothing say a great deal about a company, even more so if the clothing is branded by skilled branding specialists, who have the latest equipment to carry out a variety of durable, clear corporate branding techniques. They also have knowledge about which method suits particular applications. Methods include:



Why Brand Corporate Clothing?


There are a number of advantages that come when you brand corporate clothing. These include:



Seriously Successful Brands


The value and importance of corporate branding cannot be over-emphasised. This is as true today as it was during the past century. In fact, certain brands were so successful that they became generic, inadvertently lending their names to the goods produced by other manufacturers through the mouths of existing and potential customers.


Examples of the impact of such brands upon South African consumers during the 20th century include the following:



Some of the most successful, instantly recognised big brands, (some of them internationally known and others applicable to South Africa only), of more modern times, include:



Whilst not all brands are destined to become as famous as these, the role of branding in businesses’ success cannot be denied.


Ancient and Modern Best Branding


Branding of clothing and accessories is almost as old as is clothing itself. Each ancient Egyptian pharaoh affixed his name or brand, indicated by a cartouche, to various items that he or she wore, especially those that were sealed along with the mummified remains inside the burial chamber.


Ancient Roman soldiers dressed in uniforms and branded their units’ insignia onto their armoured breastplates, shields, and very important regimental battle standards. The standard was so important to Roman legionnaires that someone would immediately replace a fallen standard-bearer during battles because it was imperative that this symbol/brand be held aloft at all times.


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