The advertising of a brand forms the core of most marketing strategies, and the objective is to create as much visibility for the brand as possible. Various ways are employed to achieve this. Branded corporate gifts are items that are distributed to a variety of people for various reasons. Internal gifts are items that are given to employees, managers, business leaders or shareholders, and anybody involved in the strategies and operations of the business. External gifts are items that are given to clients, your target audience or to people external to the company for a variety of reasons. Businesses draw a lot of benefit from branded corporate gifts, whether these are provided internally or externally. 


Internal Benefits


When gifts are given to employees for various reasons – to celebrate an achievement, rewarding outstanding performance, becoming a member of a team or reaching certain goals – employees feel rewarded and gain a sense of accomplishment. This can motivate them to achieve even greater heights and form a cohesive part of a team with a common goal. 


Even executives and shareholders can be awarded branded corporate gifts to reward them for good decision making and investment ideas, and this makes them feel like their contributions are appreciated and worthwhile. As a result, company cohesion is built and morale becomes higher. This often leads to higher productivity, better communication within teams and a more motivated workforce.


There are also marketing advantages to these items. Everywhere these branded gifts are used or displayed, a visual reminder of the brand is created and, in turn, this creates better brand recognition, which could turn prospects into sales and provide healthier profits.


When it comes to different work environments where staff members have to interact with potential customers and clients, it helps for them to be recognised. A staff member wearing a branded item of clothing is more likely to be approached by a customer, and this translates into easier sales.


External Benefits


Many business managers see branded corporate gifts as a pointless expense, but they could not be more wrong. Gifting branded items (especially if they are exclusive and of high quality) to clients, members of the public or prospective clients has various advantages. Clients feel that their contributions are appreciated and this results in better brand loyalty. Clients also feel that the brand is loyal to them, and are therefore more likely to continue choosing to do business with this particular brand over another, even if their prices are sometimes competitive. 


Potential customers become more aware of the brand and are more willing to buy into the concept, which translates into a better market share. Members of the public who are given branded corporate gifts at a sports day, exhibition or other business event are more likely to remember the brand if they have a keepsake once the day is over, and this could convince them to choose your brand over another. People habitually choose brands that they recognise over those they don’t, and branded items make your brand more visible and thus more recognisable.


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