Whether you search for someone who can make corporate wear or who can supply you with a range of quality fashion items to sell, you need a trusted supplier. The most important aspect of any clothing item is that it has to be of excellent quality. Branded shoes are not worth much if they fall apart after being worn for exercise a mere ten times. Thus, finding a branded clothing supplier that can create the perfect attire for your company is crucial.


Tips on Finding a Branded Clothing Supplier


In a world packed to the brim with copycats and competition, being unique has become increasingly challenging. For your business to stand out, it is not as simple as a fancy new logo or stylish interior. The clothing for your staff or that which you want to sell or give away must be unique as well. Below are some tips on finding the best branded clothing supplier for your company.


Local or Foreign?


Pros and cons for both domestic branded suppliers, as well as overseas companies can be listed. Supporting local manufacturers can benefit you in that it is easier to communicate with and visit the companies. You also save on import duties. However, sometimes the products you want can only be made in another country. It is up to you to do research and decide which option is best suited to your needs. But if you buy from us, you have the best of both worlds. We supply local and imported clothing from top brands.


Quality is Everything


If you have found a few manufacturers to consider, you should do a bit of digging through their products and catalogues. Look at the styles they have available and do a quality check. Find out if they are willing to provide samples, so that you can see if it will be to your liking. If a company has already made similar items, it is likely that they will make your clothing better than someone who has not yet made the particular style of apparel. To this end, you can rely on us to provide samples and be able to customise apparel to meet your needs, including branded clothing from names, such as Barron.


Mass Production or Tailored Items?


With various manufacturers, you have to order a minimum number of apparel pieces. It would be a shame to go through the trouble of scoping out a potential supplier, just to find out you cannot order less than a thousand branded pieces when you only need twenty shirts. Yet again, we come through in every way, as you can place any size order and receive superior quality and services.


Can They Keep Up?


If you need many items in a short amount of time, but the supplier cannot do it, you will have a big problem. Ask beforehand how long it will take per branded item and what the estimated turnaround time is for the particular order. Sometimes, manufacturers have a maximum number of items you can order each month, and this can hinder your production line. Make sure the production capacity of the supplier is high enough, so that you will not have to spend extra on getting stock at other companies because of a long wait. We can handle any size order, regardless of tight deadlines.


Do You Know the Brands?


If a company has worked with several brands, it gives you an indication of what they can do. Look at the previous clients, and see if they were happy with the work of the manufacturer. Find some of the brand’s clothing and decide whether the quality is up to your standards. You can view samples, and we work with you every step of the way to ensure you are happy with the products. We have partnered with top branded clothing suppliers to make sure we can meet every corporate and promotional item need. Get in touch for more information.