We see it everywhere, branded clothing for companies, schools, clubs, associations and sports teams, and similar, but how effective is this particular type of clothing. Think of your local stores and service providers. Do you know what their uniforms and logos look like without having to see them first? Chances are that you do and that’s a sure sign that their branded clothing and promotional gear has had a positive effect. If you would like to ensure that you achieve greater brand awareness for your business and provide consumers with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with your company’s presence, branded clothing is the answer!


At Best Clothing, we have helped many companies achieve a greater presence by piecing together branded clothing and uniforms that truly portray the company’s professionalism and dedication to a smart appearance. Many consumers find that they trust a company more if they take pride in the appearance of their teams – and this has been proven in many surveys too.


Corporate branded clothing is not a new concept that has just been realised. For many years, market leaders and large corporations have capitalised in this low-cost form of advertising and the reality is that it can also benefit medium and small sized enterprises. All you have to do is ensure that your staff complement has access to a variety of clothing options to consider. Of course, you want each staff member to actually feel comfortable in their uniform or branded attire, so offer options to choose from. Then ensure that the correct size is bought for each staff member and that each item is professionally branded. Popular branding options for clothing include screen printing and embroidery, and when providing the supplier with your artwork, the branding should be done in house for you.


At Best Clothing, we offer the market access to some of the finest quality branded clothing. In fact, we only support market leading promotional, sports and leisure wear brands, such as Barron, Amrod and Altitude. In these ranges, you will find items such as active wear, corporate wear, sports items, skirts, blouses, shirts, jackets, trousers, pants and so on. Dressing your team members for success and to create a top corporate image has never been easier.


The Best Clothing team has many years of experience in the corporate branding industry. Our branded clothing is guaranteed to be of an excellent and durable quality, and with the correct care, you can expect each item to last a respectable length of time. It goes without saying that each item sent out is checked for quality and that value for money is a top priority for us.


If you are shopping around for branded clothing options for your business or team, take the time to investigate what we have to offer at Best Clothing. With the help of our friendly consultants, you can ensure that your company or team develops a respectable and recognisable image. To learn more about using branded clothing for marketing and to discover a great range of options, contact us at Best Clothing today.