There are many expenses involved in starting and running a successful business. When you first make a list of everything that you need and the start-up costs, you might quickly realise that it takes a lot more than you initially thought. Whether you are starting or running a restaurant, an events company, a pharmaceutical lab, a medical practice, an engineering company, or a construction firm, workwear is likely to end up on your list of expenses.


That is where the Barron workwear catalogue comes in handy. The workwear you need and choose depends on your type of business and the different roles within your company. Here are a few examples of workwear we provide from the Barron workwear catalogue for various industries:


Do You Need Chef Jackets for Your Kitchen Staff?


When you are starting a restaurant, for example, you need to think about the many costs involved, such as buying or renting the restaurant space, staff salaries, obtaining certain licences, and buying functional items, such as tables, chairs, kitchen equipment, cutlery, and crockery. Some funding must go towards making the restaurant look aesthetically pleasing, and you might even decide to hire an interior decorator to make the place look spectacular. One of the most important things to remember is that you need to buy workwear for your waitrons and managers, and you need to buy the proper jackets, hats, pants, and rubber shoes for your chefs.


Personal protective clothing is crucial in a commercial kitchen where there are many hazards, such as hot oil, boiling water, potential fires, sharp knives, and many liquids that can be spilt. Chef jackets are double-breasted as this helps to protect against heat or hot splashes. White chef jackets are also preferred by many great chefs as wearing one serves as a signal of the importance of their professions.


If you are starting a hotel, restaurant, resort, or catering company, get your chefs’ high-quality jackets from the Barron workwear catalogue.


Do You Need Lab Coats from The Barron Workwear Catalogue?


If you have a pharmaceutical company or run a lab at a university, you probably already know just how important having the right clothing is. Unless you are a food scientist running experiments with hot oil and hot stovetops and ovens, most labs have different hazards than commercial kitchens. Chemical spills might be more of a concern, as well as getting into contact with harmful pathogens.


Regardless of the type of lab you work in, a lab coat is necessary. Not only does wearing a lab coat make you look professional and like you know what you are doing in the lab, but it also offers some other benefits:


  1. Body Protection: A lab coat provides barrier protection and can shield the body from contact with harmful substances while working. It can help protect against burns, whether from chemicals or fire.
  2. Quick Removal: Lab coats are very quick to remove in the event of an emergency. If there is a chemical spill or fire, it can be removed rapidly and help protect you from harm.
  3. Clothing Protection: Even if you are working with substances in the lab that might not be dangerous to you, they could destroy your clothing or simply make them dirty if contact occurs. A lab coat creates a necessary barrier and helps protect your clothing from dirt and damage.


Do You Need Branded Workwear for Your Company?


At Best Clothing and Gifts, we supply workwear from the Barron catalogue to our customers, and we can also brand and embroider their clothing. If you would like each employee’s name to be displayed on their chef jackets, lab coats, button-up corporate shirts, or T-shirts, we can do it for you. If you would like to have your logo or slogan printed on the shirts your employees will wear to work, we can do that too!


If you pair with the right companies, meaning Barron and Best Clothing and Gifts, you can get the workwear you need for your established business or start-up. You can call us on 010 595 7814 or email us at for more information and assistance.