It is no secret that Barron clothing offers the largest selection of workwear and apparel in South Africa. Barron workwear is not just another corporate attire range. While the range incorporates corporate attire, it also features specialised items for various industries. A close look at their product catalogue will have you quickly informed of just how extensive it is.


What does the Barron workwear range have to offer? You will find the following workwear items on the Barron clothing catalogue:










If you work in any industries where these particular items are required, you will find that the Barron clothing range outshines all other brands in terms of product quality and value for money. Each item is made from the finest quality materials and when it comes to quality of workmanship, there is simply no argument about whether or not the Barron team puts in their very best. Those who invest in the range from Barron clothing simply never look back!


Many companies across South Africa make use of Barron workwear on a daily basis. In fact, the Barron clothing range has been a popular choice for over 20 years now. Each and every year the range expands and the quality of the products improves. You can rest assured that as your business grows and expands, so does Barron’s ability to serve your needs accordingly.


At Best Clothing, we are proud to be official authorised distributors of the Barron clothing brand. Our consultants, who are well versed and experienced in the workwear apparel industry, will help you to select the right Barron work-wear items for you. We will also assist you with branding your workwear correctly. We offer embroidery and silk screen printing as part of our branding offerings, and we will even advise you on the best placements thereof.


If you would like to discover the Barron work wear range of receive a price list for their catalogue, take the time to chat to us at Best Clothing. We are readily available via email or telephone to discuss your needs and requirements and if you find that you are looking for something specific, we welcome you to give us a call or drop us an email at any time.