Do you have a husband, father, or son who simply loves working in the garage doing woodwork, painting, or working on projects that involve high heat – all the while wearing his Sunday best? Does he have a job where he gets dirty easily and wears his clothing meant for social occasions to work? Do you frequently buy him new clothing only to find him wearing his new attire while covered in dust, debris, oil, and paint?


If you are stuck with piles of clothing that have been damaged with paint marks that you struggle to remove; burn marks that are impossible to repair; or tears that have left the clothing beyond rescue, then it might be time for a new plan of action. By now, you may have figured out that asking him to change into old clothing before embarking on a messy task does not work.


The Solution to this Problem? Protective Outerwear from Barron


Would life not be easier if he just put on a Conti suit over his clothing? This would help to protect the clothing you so desperately want to last at least a few seasons. Plus, you will also be able to rest assured that they are also much safer when using protective outerwear from Barron. You can get overalls, Conti suits, and safety shoes that will help keep them safe, as these are acid resistant, dust-proof, and flame retardant, and will help protect their regular clothing from getting splashed with paint or full of sawdust. There will be an additional layer of protection, and in the event of an accident, they will be better protected.


If they arrive at the front door wearing dusty overalls, they can simply leave their overalls at the door and will not have to dirty your clean floor, carpets, or couches. There will be fewer flights and less unhappiness, as all that needs to be done is to put the dirty outerwear in the washing machine.


While there are a lot of men who do care about their clothing and will not risk damaging their nice clothing, for a lot of men, their clothing becomes secondary to the project that they are busy working on. They might think that they are only going to do one small project, but then it escalates, and before they know it, they have been stuck in the garage for hours. Between sawing, grinding, painting, and working with motor oil, clothing can become damaged beyond repair.


Most clothing is not made to handle these types of conditions. Conti suits are much more suited to being hit by grinder sparks than professional button-up shirts. And unless you are happy that they get splashes of paint on their formal pants, it might be time to get some protective outerwear from Barron.


If you cannot convince them to take off their nice clothing before diving into a risky task, then perhaps you can reach a compromise and get them to put on protective outerwear. You can make it even easier for them to follow the new rule by hanging the protective wear where they can clearly see it and easily grab it and put it on before getting to work. Now, the new clothes you gave them for Christmas are guaranteed to survive past next Easter. Sometimes you have to spend a little to save a lot. Spend a little money on protective outerwear from Barron, and you can save a lot of money by not having to replace smart clothing as often.


Where Can You Find Protective Outerwear from Barron?


The solution to your problems can be found with us at Best Clothing and Gifts. We supply all types of protective clothing and equipment, including protective outerwear from Barron.


To see what Barron offers in terms of protective outerwear, have a look at their online catalogue. Then, when you are ready to place your order, you can call us on 010 595 7814 or email us at Our team will gladly assist you with your order, and once you receive your protective outerwear, your loved one and their clothing will be protected, and you will have fewer frustrations.