Marketing can be simple or complicated; it depends on the strategies employed to get the brand noticed and the methods of advertising used. Most companies invest heavily in their marketing every year in order to get their brand, business, service, or products noticed by the relevant target market. Advertising is a large part of marketing, and traditional advertising media, such as television, print, or radio can be incredibly expensive. Some people choose to attend trade shows and sports days and use banners, stalls, and even branded vehicles. Others choose branded promotional items and branded clothing to strengthen the impact of the brand presence, or even a combination of all of the above (if they have a significant advertising budget).


Marketing experts quickly realise that the return on their investment, when they use branded promotional clothing, is actually pretty significant, and then they become more interested in using clothing to increase the visibility of their brands. This is particularly important for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets to know. Using people to advertise your brand is a great idea because people move around a lot, and they act as an ambassador for the brand they are wearing. This is one of the very reasons high-end brands, such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton, brand all their items clearly on the outside of the items they sell. The person who is wearing the item is clearly proud of owning a high class brand, and proud to display it. As a result, these companies get massive pay-offs when it comes to the visibility and desirability of the brand.


When it comes to branded promotional clothing or even employee uniforms, quality is very important. As with high-end designer brands, all branded items should look good and show quality and style. Nothing will detract from the brand as much as promotional clothing that falls apart or gets bent out of shape after only a few washes. This will not only create a bad impression of the brand with the wearer, but also with the people who observe tatty branded clothing!


If you do decide to get your brand name out there with the use of promotional clothing or uniforms, Barron promotional clothing remains one of the best brands on the market. While still reasonably cost-effective, Barron promotional clothing is specifically designed for the long term. With uniforms in particular, Barron clothing is able to withstand the repeated washing, drying, and ironing that comes with daily wear.


Barron has worked hard to build a solid reputation in the promotional clothing and sports apparel industry, and they have to uphold this reputation at all times. This means that their standards are high, their clothing well-designed, and fabrics designed to be hardwearing. When you invest in Barron promotional clothing, you can rest assured that the garments or promotional items you purchase will not fall apart, fade, break, lose buttons, or get out of shape after only a few washes. In fact, some of the fabrics actually improve with time, which makes them comfortable and attractive to wear in the long term, regardless of repeated laundering.


Another reason why you should choose Barron promotional clothing is because they only use selected suppliers and distributors to brand and sell their clothing. These distributors are vetted according to the quality of their branding (or embroidery) and the quality of their service processes. They have to comply with the high standards set by Barron, their branding has to be of superb quality and not fade or peel off after a few washes, and their handling of clients has to be exemplary.


One of the industry leaders in South Africa when it comes to the branding and distribution of Barron promotional clothing and other promotional items is Best Clothing. Our team is dedicated to upholding the quality standards set by Barron and ourselves, and we offer exceptional value for money, durable and attractive items, and high level customer service. Give us a call today to discuss your promotional needs!