Fundamentally, corporate clothing, like the ranges of fine workwear, which are manufactured by Barron and supplied to business entities by Pretoria’s Best Clothing and Gifts, is often also referred to as a uniform. This begs the question: Are uniforms and corporate clothing one and the same thing, or is there a difference? After all, both types of garments are worn by people when they go to their place of work, where they perform the duties and tasks that are assigned to them by their employer. Is there really a difference between the two, or is it just a matter of semantics? In all likelihood, it’s probably a combination of both factors.


Uniforms vs Corporate Clothing


It is true that both terms are often adopted and used interchangeably, but strictly speaking, there was/is a subtle difference. Here we look at some differences and similarities:



Our Best Barron Ranges


At Best Clothing, we recognise the quality workmanship, design excellence, and wide variety of the ranges on offer from Barron, plus their sterling reputation and competent service within the South African workwear industry.


As one of South Africa’s leading workwear suppliers, we’re proud to include products from Barron’s ranges to extend our own collections of clothing. These catalogues consist of:



Under the same great brand, their ranges are grouped to make the selection more focused. These groups include:


On Staying Safe



On Category



Additional Brands


Additionally, Best Clothing and Gifts is also an accredited supplier of the following reputable brands:



What You’re Buying


When you buy your corporate apparel from Best, you’re buying a great deal more than only garments, fine as they are. You’re making an investment in your organisation and its presence and visibility in the marketplace. You are also making a commitment to your employees – their smart appearance and increased self-confidence, your corporate brand and image, and ultimately, your clients’ perception of, trust in, and loyalty to your organisation, plus its products and services. When you show that you care about these elements and are proud of who and what your concern represents, you are making your mark and standing out from your competitors, well on the way to on-going success.


Your personnel no longer has to waste time by pondering about what to wear to work each day; they’re saving on spending extra money on workwear, while you’re providing them with a reason to be proud of themselves and the concern they support.


The advantages and benefits are almost limitless when you invest in tasteful, image appropriate attire for your organisation. When you buy workwear supplied by Best Clothing and Gifts, Pretoria’s well-renowned reseller of Barron products to the corporate sector, you will not be disappointed.