It is important to choose the right brand of clothing when shopping for corporate, sportswear or custom clothing options. While many people shop strictly according to price, others have the sense to only purchase top quality items that will not fade, become washed out or lose shape easily. It is important to take real value for money into consideration.


Check the quality of the fabric used and make sure that the material will provide a comfortable experience when the item of clothing is worn. Barron Clothing is a brand of attire that will have you dressed for all walks of life. This brand is one that has earned itself a great reputation on the South African market and at Best Clothing, we are proud to call ourselves Barron Clothing specialists. We focus a great deal of our attention on presenting our clients with a variety of attire options from this particular brand and it is with pleasure that we have seen many a happy customer thereafter.


Clothing manufacturers and brands don’t become popular overnight. It is a process that takes time, effort and dedication – certainly qualities that the Barron Clothing brand has to offer. It has taken hard work and dedication to create only the best style and cut of clothing from the best quality fabrics, without over inflating the price to the consumer. Great clothing brands on the market have earned themselves a great reputation as a result of affordability and durability of clothing items, and the overall quality thereof. Barron Clothing has certainly not disappointed when it has come to value for money and with a loyal following of happy customers, their reputation is only set to grow with time. What type of clothing does Barron Clothing have to offer? Every type! This particular company has worked many long years to perfect their range and as a result, you can have access to the following:

-Active wear

-Corporate wear

-Hospitality wear

-Outdoor wear

-Sports wear


The brand also presents the market with head wear and bags that are well worth your consideration. At Best Clothing, we like to ensure that we have the latest Barron Clothing options to offer our clients. While we present the Barron brand to the Gauteng market directly, we can supply you with your required attire regardless of where you are located in the country.


We always encourage our clients to get in direct contact with us at Best Clothing, as we like to present a personalised approach and really get to know what your needs and requirements are before we present you with what we believe are viable options. We can also assist you with branding options for the items that you purchase. We offer silkscreen printing and embroidery services to our clients.


If you are shopping around for top-quality clothing suppliers on the South African market, look for Barron Clothing specialists! At Best Clothing, we are those specialists. We welcome you to get in touch with us and discover the Barron Clothing range first hand.