Barron has built a reputation for some of the best corporate, promotional and safety clothing and apparel in the country. Because the creators and managers at Barron have worked so hard to build and sustain this reputation, they are now considered to be counted as some of the most innovative designers and manufacturers of corporate clothing and promotional apparel. Now, being one of the industry leaders, they take great pride in the high-quality products they produce, and the solid foundations of their creations. The main focus here is on quality, and not quantity. That said, Barron is able to produce mass volumes of apparel without compromising on quality. Of course, affordability is also an issue, and as a result, Barron’s prices are cost effective, and this encourages their wide client base to stick with this quality brand.


Barron was humbly conceived around 20 years ago, and this organisation has worked hard at achieving excellence in the industry. They have gone all out to create apparel and safety clothing that is not only effective, but also attractive and long lasting. Because they have this reputation to uphold, they choose their distributors carefully, and now they only trust the best suppliers in SA who can provide affordable Barron prices to a large range of clientele. The suppliers they choose are established and able to provide high-quality embroidery and fabric printing, to ensure that the client gets a really good branded product at affordable prices. The brand stands for innovation and appeal, and the distributors are selected on individual merit and reputation in the industry.


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