Though Pretoria can get cold during the winter months, it is a city known mostly for its hot weather. Employees working at companies in Pretoria can easily choose comfort over style during the warmer summer months and in the process, the companies may have to deal with embarrassing moments such as;

Investing in proper corporate wear as available from Best Clothing, a trusted supplier of the Barron Clothing brand in Pretoria, can help you solve these problems. Below are some tips on choosing the right corporate wear for your company employees and ensuring that you have quality, comfort, functionality, and image covered.

Comfort Always Trumps Style

Keep in mind that employees have to spend at least eight hours a day in their work clothes. If uncomfortable, they will simply not support your quest for branding and style. The clothing should fit the job. A land surveyor will not appreciate long pants to which grass tend to stick. Likewise, a knee-length skirt will be rather uncomfortable for a filing clerk that has to bend down several times in a day. Also keep in mind that a flare sleeve shirt may look stunning, but can easily become snagged on furniture with sharp edges and corners. Speak to the employees and ask about their preferences in style and which hazards they face daily.

Well-fitting and comfortable uniforms will look great and provide the comfort employees need to focus on their work rather than what they are wearing, increasing employee performance. Also keep this in mind when selecting the style and material for summer and winter months. If the clothing is too warm in the summer months, your employees will experience discomfort and you may see a drop in productivity.

Choosing the Right Colour

Gone are the days of grey, black, and blue as the only acceptable corporate clothing colours. You will have no problem finding an appropriate colour from our Barron Clothing product stable. Even with challenging colours like dark brown, mustard, or yellow as dominant colours in the brand, your employees can still look good in our available style choices. Here’s a tip – check your company logo and choose one of the accent colours, or go with a contrasting colour that will work well with the logo. If staining is likely, opt for darker colours.

Fitting Material

The fabric should be appropriate for the style, the season, and the tasks of the employee. Cotton pants and tops are perfectly suitable for climate-controlled office environments, but in an industrial work environment, you need something that will protect the clothing underneath, but still be breathable. Our expert consultants can help you select the best clothing for the job.

What Next?

Browse our products and brands, such as Barron Clothing, and use the online system for a quick quote, or let our consultants help you select clothing that will be suitable for the weather and trends, from Pretoria to Pofadder.