Corporate fashion is a living, breathing creature that is continuously evolving. An example of this is how the once thought of “essential classic-cut suit” is no longer a must have item for the modern corporate employee. Barron has a range of corporate wear solutions, of which we are proud resellers, but their chinos are particularly popular, and for good reason.


Since more and more companies are adopting a dress-down approach, we’ve decided to highlight the Barron range of chinos, as the cotton chinos for women and men, worn with a collared blouse or shirt are proving to be a particularly popular option right now. When worn with a cotton blazer, a chino can even create a suit that is less formal in appearance, but still professional.


So What Exactly Are Chinos?


Chinos refer to pants that are predominantly made from cotton and less formal than dress trousers, but still more professional than the casual jean. These trousers are designed to be worn slim, gently skimming the body. For menswear, chinos normally take on the same cut as jeans, with a metal zipper and button.


For women, chinos are slim fit, often as a low-cut trouser designed to finish at the ankle. Thanks to their rich cotton composition, it also means that chinos are available in a range of fashionable colours.


How to Wear Chinos


The last thing you want is chinos that are too baggy, or too tight. A well-cut chino helps elongate the body, while creating a slim-line silhouette. They shouldn’t be worn too long, and care should be taken that when worn by women, some ankle is showing, and for men that the top of the shoe is visible.


Pair them with a classic collared shirt or trendy polo tucked in with a casual leather belt, and you’re a chic dressed-down professional. Dress them up with a cotton blazer, either in the same colour as your chinos, or a beautifully contrasting colour. A good example is pairing black chinos with a sandy jacket.


Can You Incorporate Chinos as Part of Your Company Uniform?


Depending on which industry you operate in, the chino trouser might just be the ideal solution for your brand. It denotes a professional image, while at the same time saying: “Hey, we’re relaxed, approachable and friendly”.


Barron is a leading corporate wear brand in South Africa. We are an accredited reseller of Barron, taking orders from companies of all sizes who want to dress their staff in the best. Barron offers different chino designs, from the 5 -pocket chino, to poly cotton and cotton chinos. Their clothes are durable, great quality and stylish, and will keep your employees comfortable and presentable throughout summer and beyond.


Throughout the years, we have dressed thousands upon thousands of employees. We’re the best choice for all your Barron clothing orders. Speak to us about your corporate wear needs, and let us come up with an affordable, achievable and stylish solution to all of them.