It’s almost impossible to believe that the use of personal computers (PCs) for business and home usage was virtually unheard of for the first couple of decades of the Baby boomer generation’s lives. Convenient online-shopping facilities, enabled by comprehensive online catalogues, simply didn’t exist in the wildest dreams of most manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers 30 years ago, not to their mention customers and consumers of their products.


Evolving Advanced Technologies


In a highly developed technological age, it’s nevertheless interesting to compare where humankind once was to where we are now, in order to understand and imagine how our online business and communication tools may evolve and advance in the future.


Who would ever have imagined that one might be able to purchase clothing, footwear, cars, foodstuffs, and groceries, and a host of other items and services online, from an up-to-date online catalogue? Despite this, the use of catalogues to sell goods, clothing included, is not new at all.


Yesteryear’s Catalogue Clothes Shopping


When South Africa was more sparsely populated, with less widely-spread infrastructure, many an isolated rural resident was largely cut-off from buying clothing at shops or general dealers, situated in the nearest village or town. Catalogue shopping was their only means of accessing a more sophisticated, fashionable range of garments. Using a clothing catalogue from which to select apparel was a relatively widely-adopted practice.


Traditional printed catalogues were distributed via mail services, on request or as a mass mail drop, in the hope that these often bulky, printed publications would generate sales. Clothing customers had to hope and trust that basic illustrations – that frequently only consisted of line drawings or simple sketches– were accurate depictions of the garments on offer.


Historians, sociologists, those who study changing social trends, and customers who are old enough to recall a pre-online world of communication and information, seldom think of those seemingly distant, less than ideal “old times.” The pace of life was much slower than it is nowadays, but because a slower pace was universal and no one knew any different, this was no hardship, simply expected and accepted.


Fastest Communication Method


Then, the most direct and fastest ways of obtaining information, answers to queries and the placement of orders were accomplished with a landline phone call to the supplier. If both parties were located within the same geographical area, the call was classified as local, at an affordable rate, whereas long-distance phone calls were known as national or international trunk calls, depending on the parties’ respective locations.


Many a long-distance trunk call had to be facilitated and connected by a professional telephone operator. For an extra fee, one could book a fixed time trunk call, to ensure that the recipient would be available to receive the phone call.


Written, Mailed Confirmation


Verbal, telephonic transactions would be followed up with a typed or handwritten order confirmation letter, to formalise and legalise a successful sale and purchase or conclusion of a contract. In the case of a product or service query, the supplier might send the interested party a printed brochure or catalogue, if available.


Customers and shoppers also had the option of calling personally at the business premises of suppliers, but otherwise, a time-consuming mutual exchange of letters constituted the only other alternative method of obtaining merchandise and services in the immediate pre-online period.


Integral to Modern Communication, Commerce and Industry


However, today people take swift, easy online services for granted because these technologies have become an integral part of commerce and industry, as well as in the daily lives of virtually the entire world, wherever online Internet connectivity is available. Simply put, the world of business and communication, as we now know it, would simply cease to exist or function effectively if stationary and portable mobile devices went offline, en masse.


Barron Clothing Online Catalogue: An Accurate Online Depiction of Colours


Initially, promotion of online offers and online catalogues illustrating products like clothing were somewhat neglected, mainly because the technology to display colours, tones, hues and shades were limited and often inaccurate. Fortunately, this was viewed as a mere challenge that could be and was overcome by Internet fundis.


By making a comparison with garments, available almost across the whole colour spectrum, as featured in our extensive collections at Best Clothing and Gifts, one can tell that the fabric colours that appear online have been reproduced virtually perfectly. Our online corporate clothing, team wear, and sports team apparel offerings are depicted accurately and effectively, coupled with size guides and measurements to ensure that your personnel and players are smart, chic, and tastefully attired.  


Best Clothing and Gifts, Plus Barron


Best Clothing and Gifts manufactures, supplies, and distributes extensive ranges of our own customised garments, as well as those from a variety of well-known, reliable, and reputable suppliers, which we’re authorised to represent. We also supply the gear that’s produced by several of our industry’s leaders, amongst them – Barron.


Ethos, Expectations, and Demands


Barron’s clothing fits in nicely with our own company’s ethos and offerings, as well as our customers’ expectations and demands. Barron, its reputation and its merchandise, is highly respected because of their reliability, the comprehensive collections they provide, the high-quality of their fabrics, designs, workmanship, and finish, plus the value for money that they offer, as standard.


The clothing produced by Barron also presents perfect platforms and outstanding opportunities for highly visible, instantly recognisable and beautifully executed, effective corporate branding techniques. Making optimal use of all available branding opportunities is vital for concerns that value their products and services, brands, brand image and awareness, corporate cultures, dress codes, and the extending of their future successes.



Barron Catalogue Categories at Best Clothing


It naturally follows that we feature Barron clothing ranges prominently in our user-friendly, easily navigable online catalogues, fundamental to your corporate apparel selection and our on-going Best Clothing operation – particularly throughout all levels of COVID-19 lockdown and social distancing conditions.


Our Best Clothing and Gifts website contains a link to Barron’s own clothing and its ranges that are inspired by other South African icons; they are designed, developed, produced, branded and categorised or listed accordingly. The broad catalogue categories of Barron products are grouped thus, in order to make your search and viewing easier, quicker, more convenient, and more streamlined :



Amongst other items and products, Barron’s clothing ranges may be viewed in detail online, in each of the above-mentioned catalogues, which we at Best Clothing and Gifts and our Barron counterparts keep current and up to date. The 2019/2020 catalogues are presently in use.


Comprehensive information applicable to each and every item in our Barron ranges is included, enabling our Best customers to gather significant information at a glance, before making informed decisions about the items and sub-brands that best fulfil their requirements and specifications.


A Personal Preference


While it is entirely possible to conduct your entire Barron clothing transaction online, without additional communication, we prefer to have more direct, personal contact with our Best Clothing and Gift customers. We believe that closer communication ensures that your order is executed to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them if at all possible. It’s just a part of our service excellence philosophy that we regard as import, hence this preference.


Catalogue Indices


Some of the key indices that appear in the Barron workwear online catalogues are the following, which are indicative of just how comprehensive this brand’s product ranges truly are:



*Additionally, Brands by Barron include products that have really special South African associations, namely:



Best Clothing and Gifts is proud to offer Barron’s clothing via our comprehensive online catalogues, plus the products produced by other leading industry suppliers, with whom we share our mutual commitment to quality and value for money.


Deserving the Best


We believe that you, our loyal customers, deserve nothing less than the best, from Best Clothing and Gifts, as indicated in our catalogued ranges of stylish, well-made and expertly finished corporate clothing and promotional items, work- and sportswear, safety gear, uniforms, and accessories galore.


We’re located in Midrand, about halfway between Gauteng’s major cities – Johannesburg and Pretoria. Nevertheless, we provide our products and services to clients throughout South Africa promptly and reliably, with ease, because our operation is optimally based on an efficient online catalogue business model. Distance and different locations within our country don’t hinder the service excellence for which we strive.


Online, and hand in hand with our valued personnel and our Barron associates, we’re proud and delighted to offer you everything you want and need for your personnel, organisation, brand and image, from dedicated, reputable online specialised sources – the folks at Best Clothing, suppliers of Barron apparel.