Getting up daily and going to work entails a dressing routine. However, where the employees don’t have clear guidelines about the corporate dress policy, they can easily make terrible clothing choices, detrimental to the company’s image. One way to minimise or eliminate the risk is to provide them with appropriate corporate wear as available from Best Clothing, a trusted supplier of Barron Clothing in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

But, let’s get back to the common dressing mistakes made by employees to help you understand why investing in quality clothing from the Barron brand in Johannesburg will improve your firm’s image:

  1. Clothing that doesn’t fit properly

Whether the employee’s clothes are too big or too tight, it will not look neat. Tight clothing may emphasize unflattering body features and imperfect figures, whilst too large clothing is shabby. Tailor-fitted corporate wear avoids these problems.

  1. Showing too much leg

Pencil skirts look professional, provided the skirts are the appropriate length. How do you go about addressing the issue of too much leg and thus the potential for harassment? Establish a dress policy and invest in skirts of appropriate length, and dresses from us as a supplier that understands style requirements for company employees in Johannesburg.

  1. Wearing shorts

Shorts are casual wear and even on hot days, simply not appropriate for the corporate environment. Unless it is a day out for the employees on the sports field, it is best to prevent people from wearing shorts with a dress code and making it easier for them to comply with our range of professional work clothes.

  1. More cleavage than appropriate

Jane may think that she brings zest to the company, but her blouse is inappropriate and customers that see her won’t approve. Likewise, James with his open shirt missing the upper two or three buttons can be just as offending, so rather select a brand of corporate clothing such as Barron Clothing that will help your company avoid clothing choice embarrassments.

  1. Wrong colour choices

Shane may be an excellent worker, but he frequently gets stares from clients because of his outlandish colour choices. Mary loves bright colours and weird combinations. These would be fine for her social life, but in a business environment, you want to create a cohesive look and feel and cannot create a culture where anything goes. Here, their colour choices cause embarrassment. Deal with these situations by investing in corporate wear for your employees. They will be dressed in the company’s colours and styles and you avoid situations where employees stand out for all the wrong reasons, like their poor taste in clothing or colour choices.

  1. Wearing clothes with inappropriate slogans or sayings

Workers can easily offend customers with the sayings on their shirts, even if the employee think these are funny. By giving the employees appropriate uniforms, this awkward situation can be avoided and instead of negative impressions, the business owner gets compliments for the cohesive and professional appearance of employees.

Where to get quality clothing and uniforms in Johannesburg? At Best Clothing, as stockists also of the well-known and respected Barron brand.